Decorating with a love story

I love putting our family’s personal touch on the homes that we live in.  Unfortunately, the house we are in at the moment is a rental, and that means that we cannot paint, change things, or add anything that is permanent.

I am the kind of person who loves to rearrange, add color accents, and really create interesting spaces.  You never know what I am going to do or when I am going to totally rearrange an entire room.

There is a detail I have seen in homes that I just adore:  wall lettering.  Sigh.  Seriously.  While I understand it is removable, I do not want to purchase the lettering and decorate with it knowing that I will just have to throw it away.

A few months ago I was inspired with a way I can have the lettering and be able to move it with us.  🙂    Woo hoo!

Being on a budget, I had only a few bucks to accomplish my little project with, and I really think I succeeded!

I bought some lettering on clearance at Hobby Lobby for less than $6.00, and I found an old frame with the glass that is the perfect size for $0.99 at the Salvation Army.  I already had a can of black spray paint, so painting the frame didn’t cost me anything extra.

I cleaned the glass thoroughly with a little vinegar, arranged the lettering, and applied it.

Next, I put the glass back in the frame without the cardboard backing, and I hung it from the wall.  I chose to leave out the backing, because I wanted to give the impression that the lettering is framed on the wall.

Do you see the pictures just to the left of my newly framed lettering?  Those pictures include 3 various stages of my in-laws marriage before my FIL was called home to be with God, my Dad and Suz at their wedding, my Mom and Neil recently, my grandparents, and Mark and I at our wedding.

I plan on adding a picture of my Dad and Suz now, my Mom and Neil at their wedding, Mark and I now, one of Mark and I with the kids, and I am hoping to acquire photos of Mark’s grandparents, as well.

I want to show the “love story” that began with our grandparents and is continuing with us.  See?  Real love stories don’t have endings.  They just keep adding chapters.

All for God’s glory,


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4 responses to “Decorating with a love story

  1. really cute! I think it even looks more tasteful than lettering on the wall. 🙂

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