Sweet Southern Savannah

If you follow my Facebook page for Yes, They Are All Mine, then you know that we (my fantastic hubs, Mr. Muscles, our gymnast firecracker, Emily Grace, the sweet baby boy, Israel, and I) spent the weekend in Savannah for a gymnastics meet.  We had a blast!

This was not our first time in the beautiful city of Savannah.   Our family took a once in a lifetime vacation to Tybee Island almost 2 years ago.  That is where the picture in my header comes from.  Yes, I do need to update it to include all of our children.  *Grin*

I am not a city girl by any stretch of the imagination, but I love old downtown Savannah.  The colorful array shops, the beautiful parks, the amazing statues of people frozen in time, the gorgeous old trees decorated with Spanish moss, and all of the details that are tucked away in the architecture.

Let me show you!

We ate at a seafood place right around the corner to the left. The walk on the river front was lovely.

So many interesting buildings!

I wish we had the time to stop and take a ride in one of the horse drawn buggies.

Each horse has an interesting name and personality. The drivers are wonderful about letting you get to know them!

You could spend weeks there just trying to eat at all of the spots that are sprinkled around the city!

I wonder how much these old trees have seen in their lifetime.

The azaleas were in full bloom this past weekend. Oh, the gorgeous colors!

You never know what you will see as you walk the historical downtown. There just may be a lovely bride and her entire wedding party stepping off of a trolley for pictures!

Isn't he such an imposing figure?!

I would love to have an entrance like this. It would be great for a main entrance or a garden entrance.

How cool is this fish downspout?!

Such beautiful homes and buildings, and each one has a unique history of it's own!

While I would have loved to spent a whole day walking and exploring the downtown area, we were there for a very important reason, a big gymnastics meet.

The stag jump in her floor routine.

The parents, coaches, and gymnasts had a great time playing around on the Riverwalk.

One of many silly stunts and poses!

If I ever look like this, please, call 911!

Emily Grace and I

Ms. Firecracker

One of the great blessings about our trip was getting to see our dear, dear friends from out time in north GA.  Teacher M., Deputy W., and they children were also in Savannah for the meet.  The time of fellowship and enjoying the sights was wonderful!

Teacher M. and I

While I could show you more of the pictures I took, you and I would be here all day looking at them.  🙂   If you ever get the opportunity to visit Savannah, make sure you take a whole day just to explore the historical downtown and be prepared to have your breath taken away!

PS- She had a great meet!  Floor was a little rocky (bummer, but first time this season).  Bars and vault were good with a 5th and 3rd place respectively.  Beam was awesome!  She placed 1st by a very large distance with 4th place for All Around.  Next up, state meet!

All for God’s glory,



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