Don’t put that there!

I know I have been a little MIA the past couple of days, but I have just returned from cleaning and organizing a place where there was much weeping and gnashing of teeth… my bedroom.

I know, I know.  You thought I was going to say that I had just tackled the upstairs where the kids’ bedrooms are.  No, that was last week.  There was significantly more weeping and gnashing of teeth then.

Today, it was my bedroom’s turn, and I just put the last of everything away.   I am in need of some chocolate and a long hot shower, but I feel great!  It is wonderful to know that it is done.

I pulled everything out from under my bed, under Israel’s (1) bed,  under Layla’s (2) bed, under my dresser, gathered the piles around my bed, and in my closet, and made a mountain on top of my bed.  I could not see the children standing on the other side.  Seriously.  It was that bad.

I separated it into 4 different categories.  Category 1 was for items belonging to Mark and I.  That pile was not as large as I thought it was going to be.  Most of it was miscelaneous items, books, and a little bit of clothing.

Category 2 was for items that belonged in our classroom or the living room.  Our pencil stash is once again overflowing and all of my Countryside magazines are put away.

Category 3 was stuff to throw away.  I kept asking myself, “Really?  Why on earth did they put that in here?”.

Category 4 was the largest pile.  It was all kid junk.  Why?  Why do they think Mom and Dad’s room means storage?

Don’t know where it belongs?  Toss it in Mom and Dad’s room!

Don’t know who it belongs to?  Toss it in Mom and Dad’s room!

Don’t know what it is?  Toss it in Mom and Dad’s room!

Don’t feel like walking all the way upstairs?  Toss it in Mom and Dad’s room!

Looks like it could possibly belong to Mom or Dad?  Toss it in Mom and Dad’s room!

In a hurry to get outside and play but can’t take your toy out with you?  Toss it in Mom and Dad’s room!

I need a giant sign over my door that says, “This is NOT a storage room!”.

Now, if you will please excuse me.  I need to go and scrape the white-out off of the legs of a couple of my dining room chairs.  Apparently, Layla felt the need to get creative.  Sigh.

What wonderful surprises have your children provided for you today?


Fantastic!  Come over and help me reorganize my garage.  Again.

All for God’s glory,


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5 responses to “Don’t put that there!

  1. GOOD JOB!
    I really need to do this today…but I’m not.

  2. oh good for you! Yeah, mom & dad’s room as storage, that sounds very familiar! When my 3 girls clean their room, they throw all of their dirty laundry onto my dirty laundry bin in my room…which then becomes this huge, disaster mountain!

  3. Good for you! I finally got a chance to (mostly) clean up my room not too long ago. The vast majority was boxes and bags and miscellaneous things that needed to go in different locations in the attic. It was driving me nuts!

  4. Oh, how I loved this post! It made me feel so … normal! :o) Especially when you shared that you couldn’t see your kids on the other side of your pile.

    I haven’t been to your blog for a couple months and it has brought me big smiles today. Thank you!

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