Making a Name Sign Shelf

As many of you already know, I have been making name signs for each of our children.  (See Emily Grace’s here, Hannah’s here, and Olivia’s here)

My goal is to use different style letters and create completely different name signs for each one.  I want them all to be unique!

For Susannah’s 5th birthday I created a name sign that is also a shelf.

What you will need:

  • wooden or plastic letters that spell out the name
  • a shelf that is long enough to accommodate the name length
  • paint
  • elmer’s glue
  • a couple of paintbrushes
  • glitter
  • “L” brackets
  • clear coat (gives a clear, hard shell)

I used a wooden shelf, so I covered it with a couple of coats of polyeurathane to protect the wood.

Next, I painted the letters of her name.  The girl loves pink.  I chose a pink that would travel with her through age and not be too bright or to “baby pink”.

Then, I paint each letter with Elmer’s glue…

…and dust them thoroughly with the glitter.  Once the glue has dried and set, I gently shake off the excess glitter and spray a nice layer of clear coat to keep the glitter from being knocked off.   It forms a nice shell on the letters.

Mark was a huge help and used epoxy to glue the “L” brackets onto the back of each letter.  I couldn’t use the screws on the letters as they were too long.

Mark then screwed each letter into place onto the shelf.  I cleaned off the excess glitter and sprayed two more good layers of clear coat on the whole thing.  That glitter is not going anywhere!  🙂

The finished product hung over her bed…

I spent approximately $20.00 to make this.  I bought the shelf, letters, paint, and glitter for 40-50% off at Hobby Lobby.  I bought the “L” brackets at Home Depot for $4.00 for 2 packages of 4.  I already had the glue, clear coat, and paint brushes.  🙂   She now has some of her favorite “pretties” displayed on her shelf right behind her name.

Any questions?

Don’t you just love handmade gifts?!

All for God’s glory,


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2 responses to “Making a Name Sign Shelf

  1. I love reading your blog. I have 14 children and homeschool as well. The name signs/shelf are great. Thank for sharing with us.

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