Thankful Thursday~ Overflowing

Some days, things, people, and situations to be thankful for are so much more obvious and easy to recognize!

♥ After hours and hours of severe storms throughout the entire night, I am so thankful that God kept His mighty hands on us the whole time.   While my swing was knocked over (and easily stood back up), nothing else was damaged.  Noah’s (13) gigantic teepees are even still standing.  That was a shocker!

♥ I had something of a rough day earlier this week, and my readers stepped up right away to encourage me and pray for me.  I am very thankful for each and every one of you!

♥ I am thankful for being blessed and able to homeschool our children.  Today has been a fantastic science day.  Between the sedimentary settling and layering experiment, the rainbow experiment, the metallic bonding experiment, and the salt crystal experiment, we are thoroughly enjoying our hands-on science lessons.  We love Apologia and AiG sciences!!  It is wonderful to watch as the children learn and explore.

You may be asking, “What is with the funny picture of your kids holding their Apologia science books?”.  Well, Apologia is having a little contest to win a $100 gift card!  How could I pass up the opportunity to win?

*Choosing to use Apologia was the first step on a fantastic learning journey.  The kids are really enjoying the experiments and projects.  The Bigs take great pride in explaining to the Middles and Littles what they are doing.  It makes this momma’s heart glad to see so much learning and fun going hand in hand!*

I had such a great time trying to capture the best picture of the kids leaping with their Apologia books.  We laughed so hard that I could barely hold my camera!

♥ I am thankful for our sweet, sweet Susannah (Ms. Dimples) who celebrating turning 5 years old today!  We are working hard on preparing for he birthday party on Saturday.  Please pray for us to have beautiful weather for her party.  Thank you!  She is so excited about her upcoming birthday party that she gets the wiggles and cannot hold still.

What are you thankful for this week?

All for God’s glory,


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5 responses to “Thankful Thursday~ Overflowing

  1. Rhen: What gorgeous photos–how precious. Your children sure can jump high! Your daughter in the middle looks jubilant. Thanks for entering the contest. ~Michelle from Apologia

  2. I just love this post!!! 🙂 The photos are absolutely beautiful! Such joy! We really love Apologia, as well! I am so glad I found it this year. My children are now so excited about science.

    My husband and I saw on the news last night the destruction caused by all of the tornados. I am surely keeping everyone in my prayers who have been affected by the storms.

    Happy Birthday to your precious little girl! May God bless her with many more years of love, health and happiness!

  3. What a fantastic photo – I was lucky to get my son an inch off the floor. They look like they are having so much fun! Great job!

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