Setting goals on a Monday

Oooo, how’s that for a catchy title?


There is so much I would like to get done this week.  I am not sure how much of it is actually going to get accomplished, so I thought I would write down a list of goals for this week that I really, really want to have happen.  If I write it down, it gives a sense accountability.  Right?

  • Menu plan and grocery shop.  I have to fit this in before the Booster Club meeting at Ms. Firecracker’s (11) gym today.
  • Take several boxes in to donate.
  • Drop off some dresses at a consignment shop.
  • Write a letter to my Grandma.  I have been very neglect in this area.  Bad granddaughter, bad.  I really do feel badly.  I enjoy writing to her and receiving letters.
  • Design, bake, and decorate Ms. Giggles (4) birthday cake for her 5th birthday party this weekend.
  • Finish Ms. Giggles name sign in time for her birthday. Oy!
  • Field trip!
  • Make two batches of soap.
  • Get the next installment of my gardening series written.  Part 1.  Part 2.

This list does not include the “gimme’s”:  umpteen loads of laundry, cleaning, organizing, homeschooling, running normal errands, and the like.

What’s demanding your attention this week?  Anything fantastically interesting or earth-shattering, or is it all more like my list?  *grin*

All for God’s glory,


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