Shuffle, Clean, Repurpose

If you have been a reader around here for even a little while now, you know how much we have been working on decluttering, organizing, paring down, repurposing, organizing, and PURGING.  Did I mention organizing?

Even with all that we have accomplished in the past 3 months, there have been several clutter strongholds that have withstood the attacks we have so bravely and intently fought.  One of those was my teacher desk.  Did you notice I used the word “was”?  (insert maniacal laugh here)

My friends, it was bad.  I am unsure of just how the desk was able to stand up under the weight of everything that was piled on top of it.  Maybe it was all of the junk stuffed underneath it that helped the poor thing from being crushed.  Seriously.

Last week I re-evaluated each of the oldest 5 kids’ learning styles.  My oldest, Ms Serious (14), is a visual learner that is very easily distracted.  While trying to find a way to give her a little area to “get away”, I was inspired.   That inspiration lead me to give up my giant pile of clutter teacher desk.

That’s right!  There is no longer a giant pile in the corner of our dining room school room.

My favorite part of the impromptu shuffling of furniture?  The repurposing of my teacher desk into this:

We now have a quiet zone for our oldest to work in when she needs to.  It is also a perfect place for the Littles and Middles to color and work on projects when the Bigs have taken over the table with their schoolwork.

The drawers are no longer overflowing with papers, stickers, and office supplies.  They now hold coloring books in one drawer and the children’s piano and guitar books in the other.

The other blessing that came with the creation of our new quiet zone?


So much more space!!!  I purged an entire garbage bag of stuff that could be trashed, was forced to put away and organize things I had been ignoring, and reclaimed this corner for my teacher stuff.  Yay!

What could possibly add to the fantastic-ness of all of this purging and organizing?  We have kept it this way for almost a week.  *doing happy dance*  That may seem like small potatoes, but it is a great accomplishment for us to NOT start filling a clean space with more junk.  🙂

I say this deserves a reward.  Time to raid my chocolate stash!

What is going on in your schoolroom?

Always in God’s mighty hands,


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4 responses to “Shuffle, Clean, Repurpose

  1. What a great feeling to get rid of stuff! For me – just getting started is the worst part – and then making the decisions as to what goes and what stays!

  2. We don’t have a school room, as I’m not “officially” homeschooling. I’m just doing preschool at home with my 4 year old, trying to prepare her for school. I have the longing in my heart to homeschool, but not the support of my husband. So I continue to pray about, and take the moments I do have with them at home 🙂 I’m still hopeful that someday I will be able to say that I homeschool my kids!

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