Make Name Sign Art

Wow, we’ve made it to part 4 of 8!  We are halfway through the birthdays!

My goal for each of the children’s birthdays is to create a name sign that they can hang in their rooms with a little bit of their own personality in it.  Who doesn’t love to personalize their space and put their stamp on it?

The first name sign was Ms. Firecracker’s (11).  The concept for hers was displaying her name on a plaque.

The second sign was for Ms. Lovebug (9).  The concept for her name was individual letters hung by beautiful ribbons.

I made a name sign for Young Man (13), but I haven’t yet shared how I did it.  I just realized that.   *whoops*   The challenge was coming up with something that would fit a young man and not be too young.  That post is coming soon.

Today, I am sharing the name sign I created for Ms. Independent’s 7th birthday.  This one is a piece of art, or rather, it was inspired by a piece of art.

What I used:

    • an 11×14 art canvas
    • a variety of acrylic paints in her favorite colors
    • a paint brush
    • a 2′ piece of ribbon
    • wooden letters
    • spray paint
    • paper roses
    • gemstones
    • hot glue gun
    • individual leaves

I wanted to achieve a thick and layered look on the canvas, so I painted it first to give it time to dry thoroughly.

I squirted and swirled paint onto the canvas and let my inner artist take over.  Thank goodness I already had an image in my head to aim for, because my inner artist is “arts and crafts” challenged.

I continued to layer and swirl the paint until I was satisfied with the results.

I used some of her favorite colors in this: pink, purple, green, and blue with a touch of white here and there.  I only used a small amount of blue.  You will see why in a moment.

Here is a closer shot to show the texture.

I spray painted the letters of her name her favorite color:  blue!  This is why I only used a small amount of blue on the canvas.  I wanted to tie the letters to the canvas without having so much blue that the letters didn’t stand out.  After all of the paint had dried, I hot glued each letter to the canvas.

Next, I used the gemstones to highlight the curves and lines of each letter.  I also used the leaves and paper roses to decorate a little bit of the canvas around her name.

Last, but not least, I hot glued the ribbon to the back of the canvas to hang it by.  A little dab of glue at the top corners and ,viola, ready to hang!

She was thrilled to get her name as a piece of art!  Seeing their reactions and getting those sweet hugs makes all of the planning and work worth it!

I have a plan in place for Ms. Giggles’ name sign for her 5th birthday, but I am running out of ideas here!  There is still Ms. Serious’ 15th birthday and Ms. Dimples’ 3rd birthday.  As you can see, I am trying to make them all different.  Got any ideas?

Always in God’s mighty hands,


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