Happy Birthday!

We have officially kicked off our winter/spring birthday season this week with Ms. Independent’s 7th birthday.

Woo Hoo!

If you have ever met her, you know that Ms. Independent has earned her nickname, and is constantly reinforcing it on a daily basis.  Don’t get me wrong, she is a love of a child, but she sees no reason why she cannot or is not allowed to do the same things her older siblings and her parents do.

This child was speaking in full sentences at 18 months old, basically potty-trained herself at the same age, and makes sure you know that whatever it is she can do it herself!  Stay out of her way!  She gets every bit of it honestly from her Granny.

What makes her pep, forcefulness, and independence so surprising is her petite stature.  While she is 7 years old, she barely fits into a 5t slim.  Seriously.  Healthy, but tiny.  God packed a lot of oomph into that little package!

I am so thankful that God blessed us with her 7 years ago.  She has definitely added spice to our lives!

Everyone, wave to Ms. Independent as she models her new hat, hair bow, blue feather boa, and wool peacoat for you.  As you know, every girl absolutely needs a feather boa.  What ensemble would be complete without one?  None, I tell you!

Cakes are always a big deal in this house.  I try to be the one to make all of our children’s birthday cakes, and each one is designed just for them.  Her name begins with the letter “O”, so a giant “O” birthday cake was in order!  She, of course, loved it.  The girl is all about leaving her mark.  *grin*

Happy 7th birthday, sweetie!!

Now, onto the how-to’s for this cake.

It is a scratch cake Mr. Muscles made using my 12″ round cake pan.

To make the “0”, I simply chose one of the Pyrex bowls and cut around it.  I trimmed off the top rounded area of the cake before I made the center circle.

The two layers are filled with a generous layer of my homemade buttercream icing before they are stacked.  I like to put a little surprise in that layer.  Sometimes that surprise is fresh strawberries, peaches, blackberries, or blueberries, but this time, I melted dark baker’s chocolate and drizzled it all over the buttercream.

Can you see it poking out on the side a bit?

Next, I dirty-iced the cake and put it in the fridge to allow the buttercream to “set”.  While that was happening, I made tie-dye roses out of fondant to decorate the top of the cake.

Once the buttercream was set, I iced it with a nice outer layer of buttercream and started putting on the roses.  The leaves and piping are from the same buttercream.  I used the Wilton leaf green to color it.  My number 66 leaf tip for the leaves, and I used my number 4 round tip for the piping.

This was my first time doing this kind of piping on the sides.  Hopefully I will get smoother the more I do it.  *grin*

If you have any questions, or if you would like my buttercream recipe, just ask!

Next in our birthday season is Little Man’s FIRST birthday.  Oh my word, how did we get to this already?  It feels like he just made his grand entrance!

Always in God’s hands,


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2 responses to “Happy Birthday!

  1. Wow! You are so talented! And happy birthday to your sweet girl!!! 🙂

  2. What a beautiful cake!! I would love to be able to make those roses. Happy Birthday to your little spitfire.

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