Thank you, Pinterest!

I want to thank my lovely readers and Facebook followers for getting me hooked on introducing me to Pinterest.

We have already tried our hand at several craft ideas that I pinned.  The kids are loving it!  So far, Mr. Muscles sees Pinterest as a gigantic project list.  *wink*

I want to share with you the footprint butterflies craft that I did with our youngest 4 girls.

Prepare for a little messiness but a lot of laughter and fun!

What you need:

    • A child(ren)
    • paints- I recommend acrylic
    • canvas(es) -I bought a package of 8×8 flat canvases
    • a piece of posterboard
    • a washcloth or a few baby wipes
    • paintbrush
    • black permanent marker
    • ribbon
    • hot glue gun
    • pencil

Lay out your poster board on the floor.  I recommend doing this on a surface that you can wipe, like tile.  🙂   Next, squirt whatever combination of colors you would like onto the poster board.

Make sure you only use one- half of the poster board.  You need the other half clean.  Have your child gently put their foot into the paint and move it around a tad.  I really do mean a tad.  You want the paint to coat the foot well but not get too mixed together.

Here is where the clean side of the poster  board comes in.  Have your child gingerly step onto the clean side.  If they step too fast, their foot will come out from underneath them, and they will fall!

Stepping onto the poster board like this will help get off some of the excess paint.  You don’t want it too thick!

Carefully, help you child step onto the canvas and gently push their foot straight down.  Hold the canvas as they lift their foot.  Use the baby wipes or wash cloth to clean their foot.

Make sure you put the right footprint on the left side of the canvas and the left footprint on the right side of the canvas.  You want the butterfly wings to face outward!

This is where I deviated from the original a bit.  Instead of just drawing the outline of the body, I penciled the body outline between the “wings”, and then I filled it in with paint to make it stand out a bit more.

After all of the paint is dry, use a permanent marker to draw a face on the butterfly.  I also used the marker to write their name and the date on the back of the canvas.

Little fingers make great tips for the antennae!

I cut an 8″ strip of ribbon and hot-glued it to the back top corners of the canvases to hang them from the wall.

Beyond the joy of watching the girls revel in getting paint in between their toes, this project gives them a little something of themselves to decorate their walls, and it captures a moment in time.  When they have outgrown these, I will keep them and display them.  I will cherish and remember the afternoon we spent playing in the paint with their toes!

If you do this project with your kids, please share it! I would love to see pictures of your child’s art!  You can share a link in the comments here or on Yes, They Are All Mine’s FB page.  

Always in God’s hands,



6 responses to “Thank you, Pinterest!

  1. what a FUN craft idea!! can’t wait to try it!

  2. Cute craft, and my friend got me hooked on pinterest love it

  3. So cute! My girls are really into Pinterest, too!

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  5. Precious! And a perfect rainy day activity. Grateful for Grace posted some pintrest finds on her blog today. CUTE and yummy idea for studying phases of the moon. 🙂

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