You Capture! ~A look back~

Beth’s You Capture! assignment was one that sounded oh so simple, yet was far from it.

Did you have as hard of a time choosing 10 photos to sum up 2011?

It was a marvelous stroll down memory lane that included many smiles, a few tears, bouts of laughter, and more sighs that I can count.  Another year packed away.

Some of the following pictures have graced my blog, while other have been tucked away in my secret stash.  I hope you enjoy them.

#10.  This photograph of most of our children all lined up is not only one of my favorites from this year, it is also going on my wall and on my header.  This shot was taken at Joe Wheeler State Park during our fall camping trip.

#9.  This is picture of our newest animal addition when he was just a pup.  Many of you read about his tragic start in life, his rescue from the side of the road, the repair of his leg, and his completely spoiled life in our family.    Jericho is huge now, but still thinks he is a lap dog.

#8.  These storm clouds are the ones that produced the deadly tornados that ripped through central Alabama on April 27th, 2011.  Every time I look at this picture it reminds me to be so grateful for God’s hand on our family.  The tornado that destroyed parts of Tuscaloosa passed only a mile away from our house.

#7.  This picture was taken on one of the hikes our family took during our spring camping adventure to DeSoto State Park.  We celebrated Ms. Dimples’ 2nd birthday, made new friends, explored gorgeous trails and waterfalls, fellowshipped with family, and with the help of my Moby Wrap, Little Man (then 2 1/2 mo old) enjoyed his first camping trip.

#6.  The joys of homeschooling!  Field trips to a local goat farm to get hands-on as a family.  We laughed so much that day at the antics of the little baby goats.  Love!  Ms. Giggles (4) doesn’t remember the goats we used to have, but I know she will be crazy about the ones we are getting this spring.

#5.  Summertime fun in the pool.  I believe that Ms. Dimples (2) enjoyed herself more than anyone else.  Then again, if I got to sit in a float and have someone push me around while I relaxed, I would thoroughly enjoy myself!

#4.  First trips to the beach are momentous occasions!  His brother and sisters made sure he had a great time.

#3.  In 2011, Ms. Firecracker (11) competed in her first year of Optional Gymnastics as a level 7.  She has worked so hard  trained diligently to be able to do what she does.   Our whole family, friends, and those who sponsor her are so proud of her.

#2.  This past year, I have watched our oldest (Ms. Serious almost 15) take giant steps forward in her growth as a young lady.  In honor of her Aunt D., who is battling breast cancer, she donated 9+ inches of hair for breast cancer patients.

#1.  The biggest thing to happen to our family this year was the birth of our last child, Little Man.   It seems almost surreal that nearly a year has passed since he joined our family.  Young Man (13) finally has a little brother.  🙂

While looking back at 2011 brought back scores of wonderful memories, I am excited to see what 2012 holds for our family.

How about you?

In God’s hands,


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2 responses to “You Capture! ~A look back~

  1. Wow! What a year! I’m so glad you shared some of your secret stash! 🙂

  2. These are lovely photos, you have a lovely family. Wishing you much happiness for 2012.

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