Out with the old…literally

While many other people were preparing for grand New Year’s Eve parties on Saturday, Mr. Muscles, the kids, and I were working our tushies off cleaning out and organizing our garage.

We lead such a glamorous life.  *wink*

I have shared with you our family’s progress on reaching our purging goal.  Cleaning out the garage was a huge step forward for us to soon reach that goal.  We were determined to do it before the year ended, and Saturday was our last opportunity!

Earlier this year we had cleaned up and claimed a section of the garage for an arts and crafts area.

This was the before:

This is how it looked after we got the area ready to enjoy:

 While the picture shows a nicely organized arts and crafts spot, you cannot see the rest of the garage.  *grin*  Sadly, this area was re-engulfed because of our purging efforts inside.

I did not take a “before” picture on Saturday.  It was that bad.

With all hands on deck we made quick work of emptying everything out of the garage and putting it in the driveway to be sorted.

Huge purging note here!!!!  The best way of doing some serious purging is not to take the items you think you want to get rid of out of the space.  Rather, take everything out of the space and be very choosy of what you deem worthy enough to go back into it.  Donate, freecycle, or chunk what you do not keep.

That is what we did in the garage.  The driveway and parking pad looked like a bomb went off.  Stuff was everywhere.

Just stacking and organizing the newly empty tubs created tons of space.  We also took the time to vacuum and sweep every nook and cranny, and we oiled the wood furniture we have stored in the garage.

Periodically, I find myself  popping my head through the garage door just to appreciate how much better it looks.  Oh, the weight that is lifted!

Now that we can easily traverse the garage, find what we are looking for, and use the areas we have set up, Mr. Muscles is one happy man!

Time to focus my purging attention back to the house, the living room, to be specific.

Is purging one of your New Year’s resolutions?

Always in God’s hands,


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4 responses to “Out with the old…literally

  1. Kudos! Awesome job! Your new area looks wonderful! We have been doing some purging here, as well!

    Happy New Year!
    Many blessings,

  2. Yes, definitely a new year’s resolution… if I did them! Tonight I’ve actually been working on my desk/office area and I’m ashamed to admit I found an envelope addressed to my best friend… with last year’s Christmas pic and letter in it! Whoops! At least I know I’ve really gotten in deep though!
    (and kind of a necessity as most of this room will be needed for baby girls soon!)

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