Over the bridge and through the woods…

If you want to send our children into a frenzy of noise and activity, you only have to utter 7 little words.

Let’s go to Granny and Papaw’s house.

Go ahead and count, there are 7 words up there.  *wink*

I truly don’t mind that Granny and Papaw are all about the grandkids.

Granny’s kitchen is the hub of activity, full of conversations, games, food, laughter, and stories.

The kids love to jingle the goat bells from Italy.

An order must be chosen for getting the honor of sitting on the milk can.

There is always something yummy to eat that is just calling to the children.

In the back bedroom is a beautiful old vanity the Middles like to sit at and brush their hair.  The pretend to be so grown up.

As the children venture outside, they are greeted by the coolest dude ever.

Personally, I sit in the rocker on the porch and watch the chickens, guineas and peafowl.  They are better than t.v.!  The children enjoy helping Granny and Papaw collect eggs, feed and water, and close everything up for the evening.

The little green bench on the front porch is the perfect size for the Littles to sit on as they laugh at the antics of the guineas.  Tucked away inside are their favorite outside toys.

The older children like to slip through the rose arbor and hang out by the koi pond.  A little concrete bench sits off to the side and overlooks the waterfall.

There are plenty of critters to find.

Best of all is the time we get to spend with cousins, grandparents, family, and friend.

Ms. Giggles (4) snuggling with Cousin A.

Always in G-d’s hands,


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One response to “Over the bridge and through the woods…

  1. Fun! Love your photos.


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