Getting Dirty When I Can

Our raised vegetable garden beds have been a rather poor sight for weeks now.  poor raised beds

It has been either cold and windy outside, raining and nasty, or my schedule has been too full to get the kids outside and tackle those beds.  That is, until yesterday.  With the temperature in the lower 70’s, the sun shining, and just a couple of hours this evening, we were able to escape the house.

The kids and I grabbed our gardening tools and charged into the gardens.

It is a huge help that Young Man (13) is old enough and strong enough to use the tiller.  It keeps me from having to wait for Mr. Muscles every time I need something tilled.  *happy dance*

On the other hand, it is amazing how the time has flown by so quickly and turned my little boy into a young man.  A young man after my own heart.  He has the gardening bug and a couple of green thumbs to go with it.  I know this coming year will be an exceptional one for vegetable gardens!

While Young Man (13) tilled shredded leaves and compost into the garden soil, Ms. Serious (14) and Ms. Firecracker (11), and I shaped the raised beds and worked on getting debris out.

At this moment, we have two raised beds that measure 3 ft wide by 30 ft long. I want to create at least 2 more, but we are unsure how much longer we will be in this house, and I don’t want to put that much work into something we very well may be leaving in just months.

The little hands of Ms. Lovebug (9), Ms. Independent (6), and Ms. Giggles (4) are very deft and make quick work of weeds and sticks.

It is a wonderful feeling to step back and take stock of just how much you’ve accomplished.  The gardens are looking good and ready for spring, as am I.  Too bad we are just now really getting into winter.

I will have to grab my newest Baker Creek Seeds catalog and console myself.

Click image for resource

So many great seeds to choose from!  I have had several varieties catch my eye.

Don’t these Black Cherry tomatoes look scrumptious?

Click image for resource

I am considering the Copia tomatoes for my large variety.

Click image for resource

What garden wouldn’t look fantastic with purple beans?

Click image for resource

What garden is complete without cucumbers?  I was not happy with last year’s variety.  This year I will be planting the Marketmore 76.  High hopes!

Click image for resource

Every year we try to grow something we have never grown before.  This year I am considering growing Wonderberry.  It sounds like it would be pretty easy to grow here.

Click image for resource

My seed wishlist is much longer than this, and I realize I will have to narrow it down a bit, but I just can’t help myself.  I see all of those gorgeous fruits and veggies and I want to grow them all.

What is your favorite item to grow?  Do you like to try new varieties?

In God’s mighty hands,


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One response to “Getting Dirty When I Can

  1. We do like to try different varieties of fruits and veggies. I am really looking forward to our garden this next year. We will also be adding another raised bed and hoping for a bumper crop of food! I am wanting to start canning this year, so we will need a little more than what we have always produced in the past. I am definitely looking forward to Spring time!

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