Hands-on Homeschool

A very large part of our homeschooling approach is getting hands-on with projects, experiments, and activities.  When we choose our curriculum for subjects like science, history, geography, and even literature, I want curriculum that employs different kinds of activities that get their creative juices flowing.

You know, it is that whole having-fun-and-learning-so-much-more thing.  *grin*

Ms. Lovebug (9) is using Exploring Creation with Astronomy in her science studies this year, and she is loving it.

Click on picture for resource

So far, every lesson has had activities and projects that have allowed her to be creative with her words and with her hands.   For Ms. Lovebug (9), projects help her to remember far more details than when she simply reads and takes notes.

One of her projects was to create her own module of our solar system.  I was very proud of the time she put into carving each one and painting the details.

Ms. Lovebug (9) and her sun

We now have a beautifully done piece of artwork, our solar system, hanging from the ceiling in the schoolroom.

Ms. Firecracker (11) is using God’s Design for Chemistry:  Properties of Atoms and Molecules for her science this year.

Click on picture for resource

The experiments have been really cool!  Every time she gathers together the supplies she needs, the younger kids come running.

The experiments that require flames always seem to draw Young Man’s (13) attention as well.

The experiment I am going to share with you today:  finding carbon.  *Insert “ooooooooo” from crowd here*

To find carbon you need a stick candle, a glass plate, and a lighter.  After lighting the candle, hold the plate over the flame allowing it to just barely touch the plate.

The black residue that forms on the plate is carbon.

The carbon feels very soft to the touch, and if you get it on your fingers…

…you can do cool things with it…

…like write on paper!  Spiffy, I know.

And, of course, what science experiment would be complete without checking out the carbon under the microscope.

The Littles get such a kick out of looking through the microscope at whatever the bigger kids have on the slide.

Up next, a density experiment with Young Man (13).  I will be sure to have my camera in hand!

How about you?  Do your kids get hands-on?  What projects and experiments are happening in your classroom?

In God’s hands,


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PS- this is not a review.  I was not asked to write any of this.  I am just sharing with you what we are doing and what I am enjoying about our curriculum.


2 responses to “Hands-on Homeschool

  1. Awesome photos! Your kids are learning so much and are obviously loving every minute of it! I really try to have everything my kids do be hands-on. I think it is so important to engage them in all subject areas. I remember reading somewhere that they would remember a small percentage of what they are told, a larger percentage of what they read, and the most from what they do.

    Have a great week!
    Many blessings,

  2. Awesome! I can’t wait to get that book for science. Were doing the zoology 2 by her this year (swimming creatures), which has been tons of fun! I love this science! It amazes me how much the kids really truly learn. Even better that many ages can do it all at one time!

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