No Fork Necessary!

My children seem to have a special place in their hearts for food that does not require a fork to eat it.   Yep, they get that from me.

Yes, you can lick a fork when you’re done eating, but licking your fingers is so much more fun!  At least, that is the consensus in this house.  *wink*

While grocery shopping a couple weeks ago, I noticed baked tostadas.  Ooooooo.  They remind me of little thin pizza crusts that have been baked before being loaded up.

What did I load them up with?  A whole slew of delicious things:  homemade refried beans (super easy and yummy)…

…, diced fresh bell peppers, chopped fresh tomatoes from the local farm stand, sliced fresh onions, ground turkey that was seasoned with garlic, cumin, paprika, cayenne pepper, and topped with cheese and sour cream.


These were a huge hit with the fam, especially the Littles.

I will be adding this to our recipe book!

Check out this post and this post for a few more finger foods that we enjoy.

Do you have any family favorite finger foods on your dinner table?

I am always in the market for new ideas!

Always in God’s hands,


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