Gone, Gone, Baby, Its Gone!

Do you know why there are 23 newly emptied tubs stacked in our garage?

Just a few of our empty tubs

Simply put, we are passing the blessings on.

We have many great reasons to purge this house.

  • We will not be having any more babies, which means all of the baby stuff and the clothing Little Man (9 mo) outgrows can go.
  • Ms. Dimples (2) is the last of our little girls, so all of the clothing and toys she has outgrown can go.
  • We just have too much.
  • But, the biggest and most important reason is that I have been feeling God pull on my heart for weeks now.

My original intention was to sell the purged items in yard sales, consignment shops, and on Craigslist, and then donate what we did not sell.  There a few things that we need, and I wanted to use the money we made to get the items my budget just wouldn’t be able to take on.

Even though my plan made great financial sense, God kept calling for me to give.  Just give.  Don’t sell it all.  Just give.

This is where I argued just a wee bit with God.  *hangs head in shame*

I kept trying to convince Him how I was being a good steward by purging, selling at a very fair price, and then using that money to buy items we need instead of using our budget money.

He kept showing me that He wanted me to give.

Over and over again, I could hear Him remind me that I cannot out-give God.

Finally, after talking about it with Mr. Muscles, I told God, “Okay, you want us to give it all away, then we will give it all away, and I will just trust You to provide that which we are in need of.”

That, my dear friends, is what has been taking up so much of my time over the past three weeks that I have not been able to blog.  I very little “free” time as it is. You know!

This house is lighter by 8 contractor size garbage bags of sheets, blankets, towels, curtains, pillow cases, table cloths, men’s and women’s clothing, kids’ clothing, coats, jackets, hat, gloves, shoes, and baby clothes.   Not to mention the 4 regular size garbage bags of kids’ clothing, 6 boxes of miscellaneous household items, lots of toys, a trunk full of miscellaneous large items, and 5 boxes of curriculum.

We are far from done.

Our family purposed to reduce our belongings by about half, and we are well on our way down the path to reach that goal.

It feels so freeing not only to get so much out of this house, but also to donate it.

Most of it has gone to a local church that steps up to help families who lose their homes, or are going through hard times.

The 5 boxes of curriculum went to a local thrift store that supports several missionary families.  Love it!

I challenged our children to go through their belongings and ask themselves a few questions.

  • Is this something that brings me joy?  If not, will donating it bring someone else joy?
  • Is this broken or missing pieces?  Let’s get rid of the garbage!
  • Have you outgrown it and not even touched it for the past year?  Time for it to have a new home!

I provided two boxes for each bedroom.  One held the items that could  not be salvaged/ repaired (garbage), and the other was for the items they wanted to donate.  Let me tell you, they did an awesome job.  

Not only is the upstairs significantly cleaner and less cluttered, the kids are having a much easier time cleaning up and finding what they are looking for.  The bonus?  They are recognizing the benefits without me pointing them out!  

Over the past 3 weeks, some hard decisions have been made by each one of us, but the heart-fulls of blessings, the joy of giving, and the lessons learned have greatly outweighed and overcome any apprehension or difficult moments.

Everyone’s willingness to purge is a whole lot easier than me having to sneak things out of the house in the middle of the night.  *wink*  Just kidding!  Maybe.

Always in God’s hands,


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6 responses to “Gone, Gone, Baby, Its Gone!

  1. I donate also, it has always felt right. Many try to convince me that i should sell as money is always to tight, but i think of those truely in need and the happiness they will feel to receive those gifts.
    The gift i feel from giving is worth more than any dollar regardless of how desperately it is needed. They may call me foolish, but this foolish person perfers the blessings of God.

  2. I have to say that I loved reading this post. My family and I also recently did a major reduction in ‘stuff’. It’s interesting, I felt like God had also put it on my heart to reduce our material goods. We aren’t completely done yet, we still have another round to go at least. But it feels so good when its done. even if the kids argue with me during 🙂

  3. I am working on this… it’s just so hard for me to get rid of “stuff” in case I “might” use it someday! 😉 But with 2 now and 2 more on the way we have too much! I’ve already gotten rid of much of my baby boy clothes and just got an email from our local pregnancy center that will take more of it. Now, what to do with old college text books??? 🙂

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