You Capture! ~Cute

With our You Capture! assignment being Cute, was there any question that my camera would be focused on my kids?  Um, no, not at all.  *grin*

The youngest three were more than happy to be my inspirations, my models, and provide the rest of the bunch with much entertainment.  Around here, everything is a family affair, even my You Capture! posts.

Little Man has zoomed through his first 8 months.   It almost doesn’t register in my brain that he is that “old” already.

His pudgy little hands, his dimpled little thighs, his chubby little cheeks, his old man grin, they all just ooze with baby cuteness.

Ms. Dimples (2) wasn’t all that concerned about being a big sister when Little Man first arrived.  He has wiggled his cute self right into her heart.  She is constantly checking on him, making sure he has a toy to play with, and letting me know any time he is not happy about something.

I love photographing Ms. Giggles (4).  She has such a sweetness and lovely spirit that comes across with ease.

Her chubby little cheeks make her smile all the more adorable.  Her inquisitive nature adds volumes to her cuteness.

She has a freedom in her attitude that makes you want to run, jump, and twirl right along side of her.

Can’t you just feel the cuteness?

LOL  I can, and I am sure there is no bias on my part.  *ahem*

Leaning on God,


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6 responses to “You Capture! ~Cute

  1. Oh, those chubby baby cheeks and thighs! LOVE.

  2. You are the photographer extraordinaire! Where do I begin! The little guy is beyond cute but you captured such a great pose and amazingly cute smile. Then you threw in the cutest little girl being cute with the little guy and if that wasn’t enough, you added the adorable little girl by herself. Then you rocked it with the final cute picture! What a photo! The best yet!

  3. Beyond cute- absolutely ADORABLE!!!!

  4. i can surely feel all the cuteness!

  5. Very cute captures! That second one of your son — heart melting cuteness! You definitely had a lot of cute to work with this week. They are precious!

  6. *Swoon*… these thighs, and knees, and dimply knuckles. Oh boy! I could eat that li’l fella. Eat him all up…
    A x

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