We are talking…ULTIMATE

Being my social butterfly self, I love meeting new people and finding new blogs to read and engage with.

Courtney, at Women Living Well, is having a PARTY.  We are talking an ultimate blog party.

The Ultimate Blog Bash 2011 is the perfect opportunity to connect with, be inspired by, edify each other, and share with other bloggers.  Formal attire is not required, but I feel like dressing up anyway.  *wink*

If you are new to Yes, They Are All Mine, welcome!!!  Put up your feet, read a little, comment a little, and let’s get to know each other.

I am Rhen.

Of all the titles I hold, my favorites are:  child of God and heir with Jesus, wife of Mr. Muscles, mom of 8 {Ms. Serious (14), Young Man (12), Ms. Firecracker (11), Ms. Lovebug (9), Ms. Independent (6), Ms. Giggles (4), Ms. Dimples (2), and Little Man (8 mo)}, home educator, photographer, and friend.

Six of the Eight

As an Air Force brat, I have lived many places the world over, but God has given me a heart for the deep south.  I love the warmth (and even the humidity), the southern hospitality, the beautiful scenery, and the people I have been blessed to get to know.

DeSoto State Park

Orange Beach, AL

In addition to blogging, you will find me with my toes in the dirt cultivating our garden, honing my archery skills, handcrafting new soap creations, or snapping away as my camera is now considered an appendage.

Just me!

Handmade Goat Milk Soap

What do I blog about?  Oh my!  I write to share what it is I am doing:  the adventures of raising a large family, teaching and guiding our children to have servant hearts, our homeschooling ins and outs, what’s coming out of the kitchen, what is growing in the garden, my latest projects, our family expeditions, my hobbies, my ever-so-long but definitely-getting-there journey to a completely organized house, what the kids are up to, the lessons God has been teaching me, and so many other topics.  My blog reflects all of the dimensions of my life.

Our adventure to the Naval Aviation Museum

Ms. Giggles (2)

Who I am is more than I can say in this one post.  I hope you will stay around to find out more and share a little with me about who you are.

Be blessed!

Always in God’s mighty hands,


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I encourage you to join in the Ultimate Blog Bash 2011 by writing and linking up a post, or visiting others who have linked up, or both.  See you there!


4 responses to “We are talking…ULTIMATE

  1. Nice to meet you! Looks like y’all have all kinds of adventures!

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  3. I really like homemade soap. Nice to meet you! Great post!

  4. Nice to meet you! I love the name “yes they are all mine” 😉 I’ll check you out on FB and Twitter also.

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