Donut Day!

What?  You’ve never heard of a donut day?

Let me share!

You wake up in the morning and find that your first thought is of a donut.  Mmmm.  I like donuts.

You take a shower, get dressed, and stroll into the living room to check out today’s weather forecast.  As you settle in to watch for a moment, a commercial about donuts comes on.  Hmmm, donuts again.

You are buzzing down the road you realize that you need gas.  When you pull up to the pump your eyes light on an advertisement reading, “20 oz coffee and a donut- $1.25!”  Umm, donuts again!

This whole donut thing is getting a bit unusual, isn’t it?

You have settled into work and are up to your eyeballs in paperwork to go through when someone pops in to let you know that so-and-so brought in a box of donuts as a treat.  Personally, I like the cake donuts with chocolate drizzle, but that’s just me.  *wink*

Finally, after a long day at work, you are heading home and pass Krispy Kreme at the exact moment the Hot ~n~ Fresh sign starts to flash.

All day long donuts have been parading in front of you.  Every where you turn, POW, there is something else about donuts!

Is this really all about donuts?

I am sorry to burst your bubble, but no.

It is not really about donuts, though I have great affection for homemade ones, it is about those days when God is trying to get your attention.

There are days when God will put someone on my heart starting the moment I wake up.  There will be an envelope on the counter with their name on it.  There will be a store that shares their name.  Someone else will mention their name in conversation.

Over and over again God will put that person in my head and on my heart.  I pray for them.  If I feel so lead, I will call them.

The amazing thing?  There will be something that God will do in the course of that conversation that is EXACTLY what that person needed.  It wasn’t me.  It wasn’t my knowledge of their situation.  It wasn’t my provision.  It was God’s, and I was blessed enough to be the vehicle He chose to help someone.

God will also use a Donut Day to lead me in the direction that He has for me to go, often in answer to one of my prayers.

What are some of the prayers where He used Donut Days to reach me?  Moving, what church to attend, business choices, homeschooling choices, and so many more.  I am very thankful that God so completely knows how much I need to be smacked over the head repeatedly to “get it”.  *wink*

Do you have Donut Days?  Am I the only one that takes a billboard from God?  *grin*

In God’s hands,



2 responses to “Donut Day!

  1. Nope. Not just you. Though I finally gave my life to Christ on October 14, I can look back and see all the times He was taking out billboards with my name on it!

    (BTW that first picture makes me think of my oldest. The pink frosted with sprinkles are her favorite!)

  2. I never thought of them as Donut Days – although for me they would be chocolate days! Great illustration!

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