You Capture- Family Fun in the Fall!

Taking our family camping for a week to celebrate Ms. Lovebug’s 9th birthday afforded me many great opportunities to capture family and fall.  {Here is how we camp.}


Mr. Muscles and Little Man (8 mo).   It amazes me how quickly our Little Man is growing up.  His two little teeth shine every time he smiles.  He is pulling up to his knees and doing that absolutely adorable tush-bouncing thing as he prepares to begin crawling.  It would seem that he knows he is our last baby, and he trying to grow up faster than he should be!

Ms. Independent (6 3/4’s {because she insists on recognizing how close she is to 7}) and Ms. Lovebug (9)

They make quite a pair, these two sisters.  It has warms my momma heart to watch them develop a much closer relationship lately.  They are just a bit over 2 years apart, but lately, that doesn’t seem to be as a big of a gap as it has in the past.  Ms. Independent (6 3/4’s) has greatly matured since joining her siblings at the table for schoolwork.  These two have found they share more likes and interests than they realized.

Ms. Firecracker (11), aka the daredevil.

This child has a fearless streak running straight through the middle of her.  Mr. Muscles and I often struggle to find that line of keeping her safe, yet giving her the space she needs to step out and be fearless.  Some days I don’t look and other days I grab my camera.

The oldest 6!

From left to right:  Ms. Giggles (4), Ms. Independent (6 3/4’s), Ms. Lovebug (9), Ms. Firecracker (11), Young Man (12- 13 in Nov), and Ms. Serious (14).

They rode their bikes for hours and hours and hours.  The big ones had many opportunities to ride by themselves and take on more challenging terrain, and even though they didn’t have to, they kept coming back to escort the Middles and Littles on riding adventures.  Loved it!


The colors were just beginning to speckle the trees in northern Alabama.  Hints of fall were everywhere.

I wish I knew what kind of tree this is.  It is covered in these beautiful bright red berries every fall.

I love the stained look on this leaf.

While the chilly weather stopped a lot of the wildflowers from blooming, this one seemed to bloom all the more because of it.  There were swaths of purple on the edges of the woods.

While this picture is neither fall nor family, I did take it in the fall while camping with family!  *grin*  It was hilarious watching this Praying Mantis bow up at Ms. Firecracker’s finger.  Can’t you just see him using his awesome mantis ninja skills to defend himself!  After a little while, we made sure he was moved to a safer location to practice said ninja skills.


I have one more post to write and share with you about our camping trip.  In addition to her gift, I made her cake, and Ms. Serious made a matching piñata!  I can’t wait to show them to you.  🙂

This post is linked up to Beth at I Should Be Folding Laundry and her fantastic photo challenge, You Capture!

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10 responses to “You Capture- Family Fun in the Fall!

  1. Your photos are absolutely beautiful! 🙂 Glad you all had a good time on your trip!

    Many blessings,

  2. What a fun camping trip! Love your bike picture. : ) Don’t they grow quickly?

  3. Great pictures. What a sweet family.

  4. Cool pictures of the Fall…your daughter on the bike is too funny!

  5. Oh, my goodness! Ms. Firecracker on her bike had me gasping. I see what you mean about not wanting to look sometimes! And the group bike shot of your oldest 6? So. Absolutely. Wonderful.

  6. I love your post. All the pictures are interesting and fun and beautiful but my favorites are the one of almost all the kids on bikes (so evenly spaced) (and that you have bigs and middles and littles) and the amazing shot of the wildflower – its breathtaking!

  7. I love all of your images! Such a cute family you have! xo

  8. These pictures almost make me want to go camping. Almost. I’m not the outdoor type. LOL.

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