The ever-growing birthday to-do’s!

Do you ever have those weeks where no matter how much you accomplish your to-do list just keeps growing?

For every item that is marked off two or three more appear!

Taking up a large part of my to-do list is Ms. Lovebug’s upcoming 9th birthday on Saturday.

Ms. Lovebug- our almost 9 year old!

To-do’s for this birthday party:

♣I have to bake and decorate her cake.  I do not purchase when I do not have to.  I love taking the time to surprise them with something special.  Here is one of the cakes I have made.  She still talks about it.  🙂

♣Ms. Serious (14) is helping me create a pinata that matches Ms. Lovebug’s cake.  (Pictures of both coming next week, promise!)

♣I am creating a name sign for her.  It will be very different from the one I did for Ms. Firecracker’s 11th birthday last month.  (I am already working on a how-to post for this.)

♣I have to get her other gifts wrapped and bagged.

♣I have to pay for her new bike, so Daddy can stop and pick it up.

♣I have not found her birthday outfit yet.  We surprise them with a new outfit the morning of their birthday.  I am hoping to find it today.  It can be a slight challenge as I am very picky, I want it to be in her colors, I want her to look like a lady, and it has to be on sale.  It is rare for me to pay full price for anything!

Birthdays are very special in our home.  I don’t mean tons of gifts and lots of money spent.  I mean taking the day, as a family, to celebrate.  We are celebrating the day that God blessed us with that child.  We are remembering their first moments.  They love to hear those stories.  The ones about how they looked, how they grew, how they made us laugh.  They want to hear the same stories over and over again.

My momma heart is filled with the fantastic memories of watching her grow up for almost nine years now.  It seems that the older she gets, the faster she grows.  I can’t get any of them to slow down!  I don’t want them to rush through.  I am not looking for them to be old enough to not need me, yet here we are in the middle of our fall birthday season, and each month another child is reminding me just how grown up they are becoming.


Please pray for me that despite these allergies kicking my tail I will get this ever-growing birthday to-do list completed in time!

In God’s mighty hands,


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One response to “The ever-growing birthday to-do’s!

  1. I hope the birthday went well. Love the ice cream cake. I have a ball pan so I’ll have to try that sometime. I like making my kids’ cakes too.

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