Menu Planning

I face another full week, which makes menu planning all the more essential in ensuring healthy and diverse meals for Mr. Muscles and the kids.

On the schedule this week, in addition to our normal stuff, is planning for Ms. Lovebug’s ninth birthday.  There is a cake to bake and decorate (say that 5 times quickly!), a piñata that matches the cake, her name sign to create, gifts to wrap, and the big gift, a new bike, to pick up.

Ms. Serious (14) is helping me out in a gigantic way by taking over planning the party games.   She excels at planning creative games and fun ways to get the Littles involved without boring the Middles and the Bigs.

With the errands, projects, and Ms. Firecracker’s (11) practice every day this week, I have to make sure this week’s plan is easy for Mr. Muscles and the kids to take charge of.

This week’s menu:


→ Grilled pizzas on homemade bread.  There is no better way to make a meal manly than by putting it on the grill!

→ Italian chicken, couscous, and stuffed eggs.  I can cook the chicken in the crock pot, Ms. Serious will make the stuffed eggs, and Mr. Muscles will prepare the couscous.

→ Breakfast:  scrambled eggs supreme (supreme means with pico de gallo, shredded cheese, and sour cream), herbed potatoes, homemade bread with FOO.

→ BBQ Chicken Stew in the crock pot

→ Chili- Thank you, Granny!  We will be eating with Granny and Papaw, and they are providing Chili.  Yum!

Only 5 days of dinners on this menu, as we will be having a birthday party this weekend, and eating with family.

Breakfast options:   cold cereal, steel cut oats, fresh fruit, or scrambled eggs and toast.

Lunch options:  pb & j sandwiches, yogurt with honey and granola, banana sandwiches, smoothies, turkey and shredded cheese wraps, or leftovers (if there are any!).

Anything new on your menu this week?

In God’s mighty hands,


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One response to “Menu Planning

  1. Don’t you just love having kids old enough to help with both the planning and the execution on things! Happy birthday Miss Lovebug!

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