I got all craftsy again!

Our Ms. Firecracker recently celebrated her 11th birthday.

As a matter of fact, it was her golden birthday.  She was 11 on September 11th, and we spent that time at the beach!

There was much eating of cake.

One of her gifts was a name sign I made for her.  It is going on the wall next to her bed (the top bunk).

An afternoon in Hobby Lobby made this project super easy!  I could spend all day in that store.  *grin*  Not only did they have all of the supplies, it is also where I picked up the how-to pamphlet on doing this project.

I used:

chip board letters

acrylic paint

wooden sign boards


dimensional stickers (dragonflies and butterflies)

hot glue gun

black spray paint

individual leaves (wedding department)

First, I spray painted the wooden sign boards black.  Normally, I wouldn’t do this, because I do not like painted wood.
Next, I painted the chip board letters her favorite color, purple!  It took two coats to cover the letters smoothly.
Then, I coated them in a layer of silver pearlized glitter.
After I hot glued the letters into place on the sign boards, I used the stickers and leaves to decorate the letters.   It was a chore to keep the Littles away during the hot glue process.  I love their help, but not scalded fingers!
I curled the stem and bent the leaves a little bit to give them more dimension and character.
In the picture below you can see that I hand-painted little black vines on some of the letters.  It looks as if they are growing right out of the black sign board.  I was thrilled with how well it turned out.  After all, I am not really the artsy craftsy type.
Even better than how thrilled I was with how it turned out was how much Ms. Firecracker loved it.   That was fantastic!
I am stepping up my game to create a name sign for Ms. Lovebug’s upcoming 9th birthday.  I am going in a whole different direction for hers.  I have to thank Hobby Lobby, again, for their inspirational how-to pamphlets, or arts and crafts challenged people like myself would never be able to do these things!
Nothing beats handmade gifts.  🙂  Ask any Mom.
Are you arts and crafts challenged like I am, or are you all about creativity?
In God’s mighty hands,

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