Menu Planning

With Ms. Firecracker’s optional schedule, I find myself at her gym multiple nights every week.  It is now imperative to have a menu plan in place with a variety of dinners that are either crock pot or very easy to make.  If I don’t, Mr. Muscles and the kids will just have sandwiches or eggs every night.  Sigh.  I want healthier and more variety for my family.

We can compound our already full schedule with planning for our upcoming fall camping trio, preparing for Ms. Lovebug’s 9th birthday, making Young Man’s (12) blanket (this kind of blanket), preparing soap and soap orders, and everyday life in a large family.  Something as simple as knowing what is for dinner makes a huge difference!

This week’s dinner menu:

  • Baked chicken breast, couscous (new dish for us), and steamed veggies
  • Omelets (fillings will include choice of onions, *bellpeppers, *tomatoes, *hot peppers, mushrooms, cheese, leftover chicken breast)
  • Pizza meatloaf, *salad, homemade bread, stuffed eggs
  • Cornbread, great northern beans (made in the crock pot), a variety of veggies from the garden.
  • Chicken breast hoagies.  I will be making the hoagies!

(*from the garden)

Pizza Meatloaf

I am not sure what we are doing this weekend, so the menu is for the weekdays only.

I think I will surprise the kiddos with a blackberry cobbler made with blackberries we harvested and froze the summer.  I rock the whole mom-thing like that.  *wink*

What are you eating?  Anything new?

In God’s Mighty Hands,


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