All of those little moments

Over the past few days God has really brought into focus the importance of taking the time to enjoy and be thankful for the little moments He blesses me with every day.

Wonderful moments that remind me of His constant presence in my life.

♥Ms. Independent’s (6) sweet little voice singing to Little Man (7 mo).♥

♥The wonderful crispness to the air that fall mornings bring.♥

♥The sandwich Ms. Lovebug (8) made for me because she noticed I had not eaten yet.♥

♥The excitement in Ms. Giggles’ (4) voice when she finds a colorful leaf on the ground.  We are not that far into fall, so pretty leaves on the ground are few and far between at the moment♥

♥The look of pride Ms. Independent (6) has when she hears praise from her Daddy for the wonderful job she did on her schoolwork for the day. Her feet do not touch the ground for at least an hour!♥

♥Conversations in the kitchen with Ms. Serious (14) as she helps me to can quarts and pints of pear quarters, pear butter and pear sauce.♥

♥Ms. Dimples’ (2) squeal of delight when Daddy pushes her higher and higher in her swing.♥

♥Hearing Little Man’s (7mo) sweet baby laughter as his big brother, Young Man (12), plays peek-a-boo with him.♥

♥Sitting on the swing with Mr. Muscles watching the kids play and enjoy the cooler temperatures of fall.♥

In the midst of schedules, loads of laundry, errands, schoolwork, yard work, diaper changes, floors that need sweeping, and the full plate that comes with a large family, God sprinkles my life with all of those little moments that bring joy to my heart and a smile to my face.

Always in God’s mighty hands,


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4 responses to “All of those little moments

  1. What a wonderful list! I have made a concerted effort to slow down and love and appreciate all of God’s creation and the precious gifts that He gives me everyday through my children. We get so “busy” that we can easily miss these wonderful things. Thanks for the reminder!

    Many blessings,

  2. So many sweet blessings…I would like to have a T-shirt to wear to Walmart that says your blog title…

    Thanks for visiting Blessed Beyond a doubt..

  3. Those are wonderful little moments! I love all your names for your kids – fantastic! 🙂 It makes me think of the quote that says something about the moments that matter (I can’t really remember the whole thing right now – Mommy brain has set it…)

  4. WONDERFUL moments! Makes my heart soar just hearing about them.

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