Up, up, up, and away!

During our mini-vacation trip to Orange Beach, AL, we took a short drive to Pensacola, Florida to see the Naval Aviation Museum.

The Naval Aviation Museum

Wow!  I cannot begin to tell you just how massive this place is.  I will attempt to show you.

This is Ms. Firecracker (11) standing next to one of the smaller planes.

We spent an entire day there, and we could have spent another whole day, easily!  We did not come close to seeing everything there.  It was HUGE!

It was fascinating to walk around and see the gigantic planes, to be able to touch them, to check out the cockpits, to see the advancements from era to era.  There were more than planes at the museum.  There were whole sections dedicated to blimps, to helicopters, to ships, to space travel, and so much more.

Some of the Blue Angels' Planes

Ms. Lovebug (8) standing next to the propeller of one of her favorite planes.

There is a section that has a presidential helicopter.  I believe the last president to use this one was George W. Bush.

One of the presidential helicopters

Inside the presidential helicopter. You can see the presidential seal on the seat on the right.

The museum is very hands-on and interactive.  We were able to sit in a wide variety of planes and check out the equipment.

Me in one of the Blue Angels Planes

Young Man (12) after getting out of the cockpit of this jet.

Ms. Giggles (4) in the cockpit of a jet

Ms. Firecracker (11) trying out one of the ejection seats. They DO NOT work. *sigh*

This shot was too good not to take!

Ms. Dimples (2) explored some of the planes in her own way.

There were so many artifacts that were on display along with the story of their journey through battles, foreign countries, and back home again.

One of the flags that was brought home after making it through WWII

The hardest part, for me, was going through the POW experience.  There was not a dry eye in that area.

The POW Experience

A sampling of the clothing the POW's wore, sometimes for years.

There were letters, poems and notes on display.

One of the poems written by a POW

It was such an incredible place.  Both the children and Mr. Muscles and I learned so much, and there were many displays we didn’t get to see.

I definitely plan on going back!

Our crew on a 30,000 pound anchor

I took over 250 pictures, and it was incredibly difficult to narrow it down to just a few to share in this post.  I am going to share a few more on Yes, They Are All Mine’s FB page as well, so keep your eyes open for them!

Did you enjoy the field trip in pictures?  🙂

Always in God’s mighty hands,


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