Camping- Large Family Style!

The official start of fall is just around the corner, and that means it is time for one of our family’s favorite pastimes, camping!

We are not talking wimpy sleeping-in-a-camping-trailer kind of camping.  I mean tents, people!  Giant tents.  *wink*

Now, don’t think that if we were blessed enough to be able to get a camper that I wouldn’t have my bootie sleeping in it.  I really do love tent camping, but having a camper would allow us to camp year-round instead of just spring and fall.  Woo Hoo!

When we head out on our camping trips, it takes a little bit more than throwing a tent, a couple of sleeping bags, and a cooler in the truck and charging on.

The items we need take up a little more space than that.

Like, this much space:

Our 12 passenger van and 5x8 enclosed trailer.

Let us not forget the mountain of sleeping bags.

We usually take 10-12 sleeping bags.

Some of us sleep in a 3 room tent.

3 room tent

The rest of us sleep in a 3 dome tent.

3 dome tent

Top on our list of must-have’s:  a camping chair for each person.   From the petite chairs for the Littles to the giant can-sleep-in-it-and-hold-your-drink chair for Mr. Muscles.

Mr. Muscles relaxing in his camping chair

How much food we take depends on how long we are staying.  Two nights require only two coolers and 1 tub, while four nights means 3 coolers and 1-2 tubs.

Ms. Dimples (2) being the cooler guard! It works about as well as asking your dog to watch your sandwich.

Our favorite family adventure while camping is hiking.  A must for hiking:  my Moby Wrap to haul Little Man’s (6 mo) heavy tush around in.

A fashion do: babywearing while hiking state parks!

When I say our whole family goes, I mean our whole family goes!

One of our dogs, Morgan the Magnificent Moo Ha Ha, loves to camp.

In addition to relaxing, making new friends, and enjoying the outdoors, we like to take in the local beauty and critters.

One of the many waterfalls at DeSoto State Park


Mountain Laurel


The kids watching a giant centipede.


This thing is huge!

But, while sleeping in tents, eating food cooked over a fire, exploring the hiking trails, family bike rides, and early mornings listening to the birds sing are wonderful, I would have to say my favorite part of camping are the conversations around the fire.

Campfires. *sigh*

Our first camping trip of fall 2011 is just a few weeks away and I am so ready!

Are you a camping family?

We are huge fans of state parks.  Where do you like to go?

Always in God’s mighty hands,


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2 responses to “Camping- Large Family Style!

  1. FANTASTIC- I love how organized it all is. That is impressive- camping always makes me feel disorganized, even when I tend to be otherwise any other time.

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