A Boy and His Dog

Adorable, right?

Our 2 newest additions!

The two newest additions to our family.  A boy and his dog.

Can’t you just see these two growing up together?

When we rescued Jericho two months ago, the vet estimated his age to be just a couple months younger than Little Man (6 mo).  I love that they are so close in age.

Little Man is fascinated by Jericho.  He sits in his little bouncy seat and watches as Jericho plays with our other dog, Morgan.  He squeals with delight every time Jericho barks.   Jericho’s black and white coat makes Little Man’s eyes grow huge and his little pudgy hands want so badly to grab it.

They are both cutting teeth.  Little Man slobbers all over the place, while Jericho attempts to chew up everything.

I watch them and picture a few years down the road.  I can see Little Man running and playing fetch with his best friend, Jericho.   I can see them exploring together.  I can see them digging together.  I can see them getting covered in mud together.

God teaches us so many important life lessons through our pets.   Our oldest son, Young Man (12), grew up with my dog of 13 1/2 years, Morpheus.  Sadly, we lost Morpheus 2 years ago.  Young Man learned responsibility by feeding and grooming Morpheus.  He learned how to be a dedicated friend as he and Morpheus explored our acreage together.  He learned loss and healing when we buried Morpheus.

I know Little Man and Jericho will learn many of those lessons, and more, as they grow up together.

Ever since Morpheus died we have been praying for God to show us the right dog for our family.  We know Jericho is exactly that dog.  Morpheus would love him!

Always in God’s hands,


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