Discovering Her Talent

Our little Ms. Lovebug (8) has been trying to discover her “talent” for some time now.

It is a little difficult for my momma heart to watch as she strikes out down her own path, tries a variety of crafts and hobbies and not be able to find something that she loves doing.

She has watched as her three older sibling all develop their talents and immensely enjoy doing so.

Once again, Hobby Lobby to the rescue!

A few weeks ago  I was looking for the items needed to create one of Ms. Firecracker’s (10) presents for her upcoming birthday.  Ms. Lovebug was tagging along and offering her opinions.  She is such a helpful young lady!  While we perused the store, Ms. Lovebug (8) grabbed one of the craft inspiration flyers.

When we arrived home she took her flyer straight to our resident arts and crafts expert, Ms. Serious (14).  I was both relieved and proud when Ms. Serious (14) encouraged Ms. Lovebug (8) in her new endeavor and even gave her some supplies!

What is it that has Ms. Lovebug (8) all excited?  Sewing!  🙂

Ms. Serious gave her several large pieces of felt to start with.  I gave her a needle and thread and showed her a few basics for sewing by hand:  threading the needle, tying off, starting stitches, and such.

Here she is with her first pillow.

After creating several felt pillows, she has now moved on to making pillows from cotton fabrics donated by Granny.

Her next step?  Learning to use the sewing machine.  🙂  God has seriously blessed this child.  I have a very dear friend who is donating a beginner’s sewing machine to Ms. Lovebug (8).  How amazingly cool is that?!?!

I am thrilled that sewing has sparked her little heart and given her a creative outlet.  We are encouraging her to keep stepping forward in her new-found skill and try more difficult projects.  We have many Littles around here that would love to have new dresses and outfits.  *grin*

Over the years, I have taken the time to sit down with the oldest three and show them how to stitch up a loose hem, a separated seam, and put a button back on.  I want all of them to have these basic skills, but I was secretly hoping that one of them would show a real interest in sewing.  The interest is here, it is just in a place I wasn’t expecting.  She is growing up on me way too fast.

Always in God’s mighty hands,


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2 responses to “Discovering Her Talent

  1. aww that’s so awesome! Send me your address, I have several patterns that would probably work for your littles that my girls can’t wear and they’ve not been cut apart even!!

  2. How wonderful that she found something she likes. The pillows are so cute.

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