Getting Active

In almost all in-depth homeschool discussions you will find the topic of physical education usually comes up.  I told you, we homeschoolers are an nosy inquisitive bunch who love to take peeks into others’ curriculum and schedules.

When it comes to physical education, there are lots of ways to include it in your curriculum.  Some homeschoolers include it in their daily subjects right along side math, english, and science, while others make it a weekly event.  Maybe you are an opportunistic kind of person?  When the opportunity to get active presents itself, you jump in then.

Ms. Lovebug hiking

For our family, it has never been a “subject” I have been all that concerned with making into a big deal.  I don’t fret about planning and recording activities for the kids to do.

Why?  Because we have always been a very active family.  You will often find our tribe getting hands-on with field trips, hiking in the state parks, bicycling, tent camping 4+ times a year, playing football or badminton in the backyard, or just out enjoying God’s creation.

Young Man playing backyard football

In addition to our family activities our children participate in a wide range of sports.

Ms. Firecracker (10) is a competitive level 7 optional gymnast.

Our gymnast, Ms. Firecracker

Young Man (12) has enjoyed basketball, gymnastics, and is now engaged in an archery class I am teaching.

Ms. Serious (14) loves to dance.  She has tried her hand at cheerleading, but her heart was stolen by basketball.

Ms. Lovebug (8) has been a competitive gymnast and a cheerleader, and has now set her sites on some form of martial arts.

Ms. Independent (6) is looking to join the ranks of her siblings in organized sports by joining Ms. Lovebug (8) in martial arts.

A family hike in a state park.

Mr. Muscles and I are both outdoorsy, active people, and we have passed that on to our children.   That makes it so much easier to get everyone up and moving!

Ms. Independent loves to ride her bike.

This leads me to ask you a question or four.

Do you plan for PE?

How often do you include it in your schedule?

If you are an indoor kind of family/ person, how do you get everyone inspired to get outside?

How do you handle physical education?

Please share!

Always is God’s hands,


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2 responses to “Getting Active

  1. This is my first time visiting your blog. I found you through The Hip Homeschool Hop! First off, I adore the name of your blog! I also love your philosophy about “PE.” We, too, are a very active family. I have tried over the years to “plan” PE into our days, but that just isn’t our personal style. We just get out and have fun whenever we can! I’m so happy for fall to get here so we can more comfortably get out. We are a big OUTDOOR adventure family – not so much the indoor stuff!

  2. We don’t plan for P.E. either. My kids 7 and 8 usually have one activity throughout the year. Right now it’s swim lessons, twice a week. It’s been dance and karate in the past. In our yard we have a mini rock wall and a slide, we have tether-ball, mitts, balls of all shapes and sizes. We go on walks and ride bikes. Everyday they get whooshed outside to play for about 45 minutes before lunch and then again after rest time in the afternoon.

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