Here’s Your Sign!

I have a soft spot for signs.

They are one of my favorite things to look for at Hobby Lobby, yard sales, and little junk stores.

Really.  You will find a wide variety of my signs throughout our home.

There are wooden signs giving you warning.

There are metal signs honoring our dedication to our family.

There are signs expressing our faith.

Here are my laundry room signs.  The black-framed sign on the bottom left I just purchased from Old Time Pottery for $1.49!  Score!  I want to get some laundry room items from the dollhouse section of Hobby Lobby and hot glue them to the little shelf on the top of the frame.  Wouldn’t that be too cute?!

These are the new signs for my kitchen.  They are metal vintage reproductions I picked up for $1.99 each.  Swoon.  I have not even taken them out of the plastic yet.

Here’s my plan.  I am an eclectic person, and I want to display that side of me in my kitchen.

In addition to my metal vintage reproduction signs, I want to hang several old and very interesting plates on the wall in a sporadic pattern.  I also want to display Mr. Muscles’ and my collection of old bottles and peculiar glasses.  I have a couple of very old colanders to round out the whole eclectic look.










I always have my eyes open looking for that perfect addition to my kitchen collection.  Maybe something like……… an old eggbeater!  Oooooo!

What does your kitchen look like?  Got any old and fantastically cool eggbeaters lying around?

Always in God’s mighty hands,


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