The Importance of Those Kinds of Friends Pt. 1

We all have to have those friends.

The ones we can lean on.  The ones who understand us without us even having to open our mouths.  The ones we can share our goals with and help make us accountable in those goals.  The ones you can call in the middle of the night.  The ones you can escape to.  The ones you just have fun with.  The ones you can always be yourself with.

For me, one of those kinds of friends that God has blessed me with is Teacher M.

We have a blast together.   Our families have even vacationed together and gone camping together- multiple times!  You know you have to get along really well to do that.

We have so much in common.  We both love teaching and learning.  I am so proud to share with you that she is now homeschooling her children!

Teacher M and I know the hectic life and dedication that comes with having a competitive gymnast.

We are outdoor girls, we are crazy talkative, we are fiercely dedicated to our families, and we could live at Hobby Lobby, just to name a few.

She is the kind of friend who will break out in song with me while we are in public and not care what anyone else thinks.  We have embarrassed many a kid!

Did I mention my kids are crazy about her and her family?

She is the one who drove from Georgia  to spend the morning with the children while Mr. Muscles and I were in surgery having Little Man (6 mo).  She arrived late the evening before and headed back home the next day as soon as Granny could get to the house from the hospital.   How wonderful is that?!  She rode to our rescue, and that was not the first time.  She also came to the rescue when Ms. Dimples (2) was born.  Amazing!

I have this phone-singing-thing I subject her to.  Periodically, I will call her and leave her a message.  The message is me singing to her.  Well, maybe howling might be a more apt description!  Anyway, I will sing her a song.  It may be Lean On Me, La Cucaracha, Rock You Like a Hurricane, Amazing Grace, This Little Light Of Mine, or any other song that will pop into my head.  God always gives me the song she needs without me realizing it.  It is wonderful when she calls me back to tell me how that song fit perfectly with her day, her moment, or her mood.  God is good like that.

I am beyond blessed to be able to call Teacher M my friend.

Friends like her are further proof that God knows my heart and just what it needs!

Do you have those kinds of friends?

Always in God’s hands,


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3 responses to “The Importance of Those Kinds of Friends Pt. 1

  1. I have one like that, but she lives too many provinces away. 😦 A three-day drive makes it impossible for us to see each other much. I am focusing on several things for this up-coming year. One of which is feeding/caring for myself. I’m a much better mom when I’ve taken a couple of hours each week to have a break. And I’m hoping to make some connections with other women who have similar values and a heart for their families and homes. What a blessing for you to have one such as this! God is good.

  2. What a wonderful thing to be thankful for! I wish I had someone like that :). What a blessing.

  3. I am 100% with you. It is such a blessing to have a friend that gets you and all the craziness life brings. So thankful you have Teacher M. What a gift! xoxox

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