Homeschool Essentials

I have found a common thread that appears to run through and tie homeschooling parents together.  We are a nosy bunch!  Oh, puh-lease!  Don’t you even act like you don’t love to get a tour of someone else’s classroom, their curriculum, their schedules, and pick their brain for ideas.

We all have items we find to be essential, that make teaching easier, that we turn to again and again.  How about a guided tour through a few of my homeschool essentials?

Family Table

Our family table serves many functions.  It is where our family eats almost all of our meals together, it is where we focus our hearts on God during our morning Bible study, and it is the where we all gather daily for school.

My beautiful whiteboard!

I have shared with you before how much I use and adore my whiteboard.  We are talking daily, people!  I have a rainbow of dry erase markers so that everyone can find their examples or assignments easily.   You may find a diagrammed sentence, a math problem, a science experiment materials list, a Bible verse, or all of the above.  When this one needs replacing, I want Mr. Muscles to use the entire 4×8 sheet and not shorten it!  🙂

My new BROWN globe!

During our last move, our old globe bit the dust.  It bought the farm.  It checked out.  For several months we didn’t have a globe, and I was extremely surprised just how often we needed one.  Finally, I broke down and purchased one.  Hobby Lobby had the ultra-spiffy looking brown globe on sale for  the same price as the blue ones.  Yay!  Doesn’t it look so……….. fancy?  *wink*

Index Cards

Several years ago, we began using index cards to help the children learn their spelling and vocabulary words.  For example, Ms. Firecracker (10) is a visual learner.  By writing the word on the front, it helped her to remember it’s spelling.  By writing the definition on the back, it cemented that meaning to the word.  Young Man (12) is also a visual learner, but he loves to doodle.  After he writes the word on one side and the definition on the other, he draws a picture under the definition to represent that definition.  We now use them for many subjects, and they have made a giant, positive difference.

My iPad

My iPad was a birthday/ Mother’s Day gift, and we use it on a daily basis.  I downloaded an app that helps us to know how our Spanish words are pronounced.  I downloaded a grammar app that gives fun quizzes.  The kids get very competitive with them.  Yay!  We look up definitions, we check out safari webcams, and too many other fun, but educational, activities to list.  Next will be apps for me to use with the Littles.

Games and Experiments

Games and experiments are more than just fun moments of distraction.  They are fantastic moments of learning!  We have several experiments the Bigs can do with the Middles and Littles.  The same goes with the games.  They are also essential for keeping the Littles entertained, yet learning, while I am working with the others.

My Bible

I saved the best for last:  my Bible.  We use our Bibles every morning as we start our day off with Bible study.  The Bigs choose their handwriting verses from Proverbs or Psalms.  This is where Mr. Muscles and I turn to for guidance, edification, and answers.  Some of our family’s best moments are when we are gathered around in Bible study.  Laughter, learning, uplifting.

These are just a few of my homeschooling essentials.  As I sit here writing, I am looking around and noticing many other items I could share with you, but then, my post would be way too long!  LOL

I would be interested to know, what are some of your homeschool essentials?

Always in God’s mighty hands,


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8 responses to “Homeschool Essentials

  1. Great list! And yes, I do love to compare notes!! 🙂

  2. LOL Yep, we are kinda nosy, huh?!

    Well, I too love my white board. It’s had I organize our day! And the kids each have individual-sized white boards for working difficult math problems, practicing spelling words, and writing quick drafts.

    And I love our big table so we can all spread out. And the desk with a hutch that stores our current books and supplies quite well.

    But the best thing is that I love having different OUTDOOR PLACES to pack up our work and go too. Nothing like doing school at a picnic table with breaks to go swimming (at least until it gets too cool) and climb the playground structures!

    Stopping by from HHH!

  3. I read that as NOISY not NOSY and I thought, I’m hiding behind my computer, how does she know we are noisy?? :OP
    I loved the peek into your essentials…white boards = ❤


  4. Awesome post! Thanks for giving me an idea about the index card. I know, I know, I probably should have already thought about that with spelling, but I haven’t… There! Proof on your nosy point! 🙂

    I love my white board and my globe that I found at a resale shop for an incredible steal! And of COURSE the Bible! Btw, I’m stopping by from the HHH!

  5. Love it all- I suppose I will have to tell my hubs that I NEED an iPad for school purposes 🙂 HA! I wonder if he’ll go for it.

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