I haven’t dropped one yet, but I might!

The hardest part about juggling is getting your rhythm.  The same can be said of schedules!!

I am beyond ready for things to start leveling out around this house.

On almost a daily basis, I encounter people who think that having a herd of children large family means chaos, disorder, and a hard time keeping things moving in the right direction.  Not so!  I am facing the same anthills many are facing at this time:  new school schedule, sports and extra-curricular activities, work, and the normal goings-on of a family.

Usually, when the fall (I know it is not actually fall, yet, but we are at the end of summer and all of the fall stuff has started) rolls around it takes a week or two to get the wrinkles ironed out and find our balance.  It just seems to be harder this year.

Ms. Independent (6) has moved up and has joined her older siblings at the table!  New person and their stuff at our already not-big-enough table.

Ms. Firecracker (10) is back to her fall competitive gymnastics schedule.  5 days a week thankyouverymuch!

Our homeschool group get-togethers and field trips are now in full-swing.  What a lovely bunch of coconuts!   You should now be singing, “I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts…”

I have been approached about donating soap samples to put in swag bags for an upcoming event.  That means 96-110 samples of my soap to get prepared and packaged… by Sunday.  I can do it!  Hopefully the kids will feel like helping Momma.  

I am still working on decluttering and purging this house.  It is almost unbelievable when I consider just how much we have gotten rid of, but it feels fantastic and freeing to not be weighed down by it any longer!  There is still about 5 boxes and 2 piles left inside of the house.  I just need a good, solid hour to work on them.  Still waiting for that good, solid hour to be available.  

Little Man (almost 6 mo) has yet to sleep through the night.  He is definitely getting closer, he is just not there quite yet.  I am of two minds about him reaching milestones.  He is our last baby, so I am trying to absorb and memorize everything as he grows.  Some days he appears to grow before my eyes.   I desperately want a good night’s sleep, but I don’t want to rush him through anything.  

Jericho, our newest addition, is doing marvelously!  He got the all-clear from our vet, and is now running and playing with the kids.   Dr. P, that would be our vet, was just amazed at how quickly and thoroughly Jericho’s leg healed up.  He couldn’t even find a fracture line.  Getting him housebroken and manner-trained are our current goals, and he is really doing well on them.  Yay!

I have pictures to share with you, but they will have to wait until next post.  I didn’t get them uploaded and watermarked on Photobucket yet.  Sadly, when I upload and correct pictures on Photobucket, they do not show the adjustments for many hours.  I have to upload and wait until that evening or the next day to post the pictures.  Sigh.

I really should look for another online pic host.  Got any suggestions?

Always in God’s hands,


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2 responses to “I haven’t dropped one yet, but I might!

  1. Nice to hear an update. Life is so busy (I cannot fathom having a child in an activity five days a week!), but God is surely good. Always enjoy your news.

  2. I think it’s funny when people cast assumptions on how they think life is when it’s different than what they do. I’m sure you get the “oh, my kids are just too social to homeschool” Really???? Yeah- that is the one I get- from people that have a 5 yr old & a 2 yr old. They are social because they make them social & by looking at your schedule & my own, homeschooled kids really are not any less social than public schooled kids. I actually got that same comment from a woman as we sat in the waiting room at the dance studio. Obviously my kids are social- or I wouldn’t have been sitting there having the conversation with her. It’s just so funny how people view things & say things that are sort of back handed.

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