Growing More Than Just Veggies

When the children see me put on my working tennis shoes, they know I am headed out to work in the garden, and it is a mad rush to get their work shoes on as well.

Ms. Independent (6) checks the cotton plants.

I take great enjoyment having my children helping me in the garden.  While their little hands pluck weeds,  I listen to them talk about whatever comes to mind.  The world from their perspective is a very interesting place.

Ms. Independent (6) standing in front of our Yellow Pear tomato.

As I teach them to trim and care for the plants, they share their ideas for next year’s garden.  We discuss what is growing the best, what isn’t doing all that great, and consider new vegetables to add to our plant collection.

Ms. Independent (6) harvesting radishes.

Ms. Independent was able to sneak outside with me without any of her siblings realizing.  She had half an hour of “momma time” helping me harvest, weed, and defend our garden from the attack of such things as horned tomato worms.  Here is the attacker she spotted.

Horned Tomato Worm that was spotted by Ms. Independent (6).

We could see the tell-tale signs:  whole sections of plant missing leaves and chewed on tomatoes!

Partially eaten tomato plant. Bad Horned Tomato Worm, bad!

Partially eaten Yellow Pear tomato. Grrrrrrrr.

 It does my heart good to see the children take pride in caring for the sections of garden they are responsible for.  They check to make sure supports are still holding strong.  They look for new fruits and vegetables.  They have hawk eyes for spotting invading critters.

Ms. Independent and I are thrilled to FINALLY see bell peppers growing on our bell pepper plant.  We didn’t just find one or two, we found many!  Yay!

Look at all of the bell peppers that are growing!

The cucumbers are looking so much better since Mr. Muscles built a trellis and got them up off of the ground.  There are a couple dozen cucumbers of various sizes!

A couple of our cucumbers.

Ms. Independent (6) called her big brother, Young Man (12), over to properly dispose of the Horned Tomato Worm.

Young Man (12) and the evil worm!

The fruits and vegetables that we are growing in the garden are wonderful, but the relationships we are developing with our children and the skills they are learning are so much more than just wonderful.  They will last a lifetime!

How does your garden grow?

Always in God’s Mighty Hands,


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