Eclectic, Definitely Eclectic

When it comes to curriculum, homeschoolers usually find themselves falling into one of three very basic categories:  very structured with a curriculum kit covering all subjects, more of an unschooler with very few workbooks and far more hands-on experiences, or eclectic and using a wide variety of books and workbooks from many publishers.

Me?  I am eclectic, definitely eclectic!

I piece each of the children’s curriculum together from several different resources.  I have my tried and true favorites, but I am always open to new books and techniques.

The youngest of our crew who is old enough to sit for a little while and work is Ms. Giggles (4), and she loves to do her “schoolwork”.   That consists of a large workbook containing worksheets on writing her letters and numbers, mazes and puzzles, colors and shapes, beginning math and counting, animals, people, and some games.  We also use flashcards to work on identifying letters and knowing their sounds, and identifying numbers.  She works for a while with her flashcards, moves onto coloring and arts/ crafts, and after lunch she tackles a couple of worksheets.

Next is Ms. Independent (6).  She is working on K and 1st grade stuff.  She showed real interest this spring in moving past her worksheets and flashcards, so we started her on several K workbooks.  She is flying through those, and as soon as she has completed them we are moving right into 1st grade books.  She is really enjoying learning to read with Teach Your Child To Read In 100 Easy Lessons.

I have used this book with several of our children, and we love it!  I only wish I had known about it when my oldest 2 were learning to read.

Ms. Independent will also be using Spectrum’s Math workbook, A Child’s Geography, an Animal Science workbook,  a beginner’s Spanish workbook, and a variety of experiments and project kits from Hobby Lobby.

Next is Ms. Lovebug (8).  This sweet little girl is now in the 4th grade and was a huge help in deciding her curriculum and schedule.  🙂  Math and english are both Rod & Staff.  Handwriting is A Reason For Handwriting.  Spanish lessons are a combination of words and phrases we use at every opportunity for the week, worksheets, and flashcards.  Science is made up of several studies from Answers in Genesis including:  the human body, astronomy, creation week, and weather.  We also use one of my favorites,Wordly Wise, which covers spelling, vocabulary, reading, and reading comprehension.  History and geography is Ancient Civilizations and the Bible.

Then comes Ms. Firecracker (10) who is now in the 6th grade.  Math and english are Rod & Staff.  Handwriting is a verse or two of her choice from her Bible.  Spanish is the same as Ms. Lovebug.  Science is Apologia- Exploring Creation through Astronomy, and Exploring Creation with Botany.  Wordly Wise for spelling, vocabulary, reading, and reading comprehension.  History and geography is Ancient Civilizations and the Bible, Volume 1.

Next in line is Young Man (12) who is now in the 7th grade.  His handwriting is a verse or two of his choosing from his Bible.  Math and English are Rod & Staff.  Spanish is the same as Ms. Firecracker and Ms. Lovebug.  Science is Apologia’s General Science.  Wordly Wise covers his spelling, vocabulary, reading, and reading comprehension.  History and Geography is  Ancient Civilizations and the Bible.

Last, but not least, is Ms. Serious (14).  She is now in the 9th grade and our first high schooler!  Her handwriting is also a verse or two of her choosing.  Wordly Wise to expand her spelling, vocabulary, reading, and reading comprehension skills.  Spanish is the same as her siblings.  Ancient Civilizations and the Bible covers History.  Her science is finishing Apologia’s Physical Science and moving on to Apologia’s Biology.  Math is finishing Saxon Algebra 1/2 and moving on to Saxon Algebra 1.

This will be my first year using Saxon Math and the full Apologia science curriculum.  After all of the recommendations, I have high hopes for these two!

We start each morning off with Bible study, add in their above subjects, some projects and experiments, music lessons (practice), and time to get creative with arts and crafts, and you have our schedule!

What curriculum will you be using?  Anything new?  Maybe a little experience with the Saxon or Apologia?  I would love any tips or ideas!

Always in God’s Mighty Hands,


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4 responses to “Eclectic, Definitely Eclectic

  1. Good morning, Rhen! I always enjoy reading about what other homeschoolers are using for their studies. I’m also use an eclectic approach. I like being able to pick and choose which programs and curriculums work best for my kids.

  2. We are eclectic in every area of life LOL. We are doing Ancient Civilizations too. Have you used this series before? It looks like a perfect fit for us. I have 9th grader this year – so much pressure! Loved reading your list! I hope to have mine posted sometime this week.

    • LOL- we are eclectic in area of life as well. I love going against the flow and into little used territory! 🙂
      This will be our first year using Ancient Civilizations. I was going to use it last year, but I ended up using several other individual books that we had started on. I am looking forward to it though!
      Let me know when your curriculum post is up.

  3. This is our first year as compulsory…she’s 6 now, blows my mind! So I’m working on making it more official this year…we’re using for science, for art, we read books, books and more books…I’m considering spelling tests out of Clifford’s Big Dictionary, we do geography based on where we or friends are traveling, I don’t have anything official for history figured out just yet, handwriting is writing letters to friends/family, math…math I’m looking…for now it’s just addition and subtraction with flashcards and worksheets…, I’ve reviewed Abeka’s Sequencing list and am using it as a general guideline, Bible is through personal Bible study and Awanas, PE is through soccer for fall & spring , Spanish is Muzzy and I’m looking into purchasing Hola and hopefully returning to gymnastics if all the schedules can accomadate…so yes we are eclectic as well and typing this response up made me realize I’ve gotten more areas addressed than I realized.

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