The Newest Member

Okay everyone, say “Hello” to Jericho.

Jericho the Bionic Wonder Pup is the newest member of our family, but his arrival was far from what we expected.

We have been praying for some time now about finding just the right puppy, with just the right temperament, and will grow to be just the right size.

We prefer to rescue, so we have been searching Humane Society Shelters and such, but unable to find “our” dog.   Cue the rescue we didn’t see coming.

While driving my umpteenth time shuttling Ms. Firecracker (10) to gymnastics training, I spotted a puppy sitting about 20 feet off of the side of the road.

Living in a rural area, I often see puppies, dogs and cats wandering or just watching cars pass by while sitting on the side of the road.

This time felt different.  Have you ever felt God just grab you and let you know there was something you just had to do?

God grabbed me and I knew I had to turn around.  I told the kids to hold on while I whipped my big ole beast of a van into a church parking lot.

As I approached him, he looked me straight in the eyes (ooo, intelligent and not fearful), he wagged his tail (friendly), and he tried to walk to me (so sad to watch).  He had no control of his front right leg, he was covered in fleas, fire ant bites, and mosquito bites.  The temperatures were already well into the 90’s.

He whimpered a little when I scooped him up, but he never snapped, growled, or even turned his head aggressively.

After I dropped Ms. Firecracker off, we headed to the vet.

In addition to being overheated and covered in bites, his front right leg was snapped in half.  The vet believes that Jericho was tossed onto the side of the road and his landing caused his broken leg.

How someone could just chunk a puppy on the side of the road and leave is a mystery to me.  There are so many more options!

You might have noticed Jericho’s full name, Jericho the Bionic Wonder Pup.

In this family, we don’t just name our dogs, we name our dogs!  Why Bionic?  Because his broken leg is now held together by two stainless steel plates and screws.  Why Wonder Pup?  Because despite all that he has been through he has been so sweet, loving, and never aggressive.

In the photo above you can see the shaved area and the staples that are holding his incision together.  The staples will be removed on Saturday, though he will still be in crate confinement until the break has healed sufficiently.

The crate isolation is best for his healing, but the kids, Mr. Muscles and I agree that it bites.  Jericho is such a cutie, and we all would love to be able to play and snuggle with him, but, for now, the little walks outside will have to do.

Soon enough he will be running and playing with the kids and our other dog, Morgan the Magnificent Mischievous Moo Haha.  I told you, we name out dogs!

Always in God’s mighty hands,




11 responses to “The Newest Member

  1. What a beautiful dog! Any idea what he is?

  2. I’m so glad he found you!

  3. Oh how sweet….
    God directs ALL our paths when we acknowledge Him…. even to our puppy choice 🙂

  4. What a lovely story – so glad you found each other.

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