Almost Nine Inches and Wipeable!

What possesses a perfectly rational and mostly sane person, who has a gaggle of kids, to purchase dining room chairs that are cloth?

I have no idea.

I am not taking the blame for this all by myself.  We are going to divide the blame 60/ 40.  Mr. Muscles gets 60% and I get 40%.


He chose the dining room set in the first place!  Granted, I could have said, “no”, but I didn’t.  I loved the table, and the table came with those particular chairs.

Now that the majority of the blame rests firmly on Mr. Muscles’ shoulders, let me tell you what happened to those pretty, micro-fiber suede seats.  They had food spilled on them, science experiments erupt on them, and liquid splashed on them, to name a few.

We scrub them down often and set them out in the sun to dry and kill any germs, but all of that cleaning does have it’s price.

The poor chairs just didn’t look all that great and I got tired of scrubbing them.

Hancock Fabrics to the rescue!

They were having a fantastic sale, and I was able to pick up several yards of a very tough vinyl fabric.  It looks like leather, it is very durable, and best of all- it is WIPEABLE!   (I know it looks white but it is not.  It is a light brown, almost like coffee with a lot of milk in it.)

This project didn’t take me any time at all to do.  I spent approximately 8-10 minutes per chair to remove the seat bottom, staple the new fabric in place, and screw the seat back to the chair.

It is so nice to be able to easily wipe down the chairs after the children finish their feeding frenzy dinner.

Another big change that has happened in our home comes compliments of Ms. Serious (14).  The fight against breast cancer has hit close to home.  My SIL, D, is in the middle of treatments and is fighting her way through this horrible disease.

In response to seeing what her Aunt is going through, Ms. Serious (14) designed a necklace in honor of Aunt D (she donates half of the price of the necklace to breast cancer research), and she decided to donate her hair.

Her hair donation was almost 9 inches long.  It came out a little shorter than we would prefer, but it was well worth it.

It does my heart good to see her giving of herself, and her talents, to help women like her Aunt D as they fight breast cancer.  She has inspired her younger sister, Ms. Lovebug (8), to donate her hair this fall.

To all of the beautiful, brave women out there who are facing breast cancer head on, we are praying for you.  Know that you are in our hearts and always in our prayers!

Always in God’s mighty hands,


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5 responses to “Almost Nine Inches and Wipeable!

  1. Love hearing about people donating hair to Locks of Love. I work closely with an organization called Shear Hope ( in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, and we actually have women shave their head (usually bald, but sometimes with guards so they can keep a little hair) so that we can donate the most amount of hair possible to Locks of Love for longer wigs. We also raise money to help support families in need because of Cancer. I have shaved my head twice, and it has been an amazing experience! Anyway, cheers to your daughter for wanting to help in a tangible way!!! Blessings!

    • We have a dear, dear friend in GA who had extremely long hair and donated it by shaving her head. A representative came out to her house and shaved it for her. That was awesome!

  2. Okay first- I think it’s great & very resourceful that you were able to fix the chairs- they came out great. I also think it’s fantastic that your daughter cut her hair & donated it. It came out great & you can’t argue with the idea. It’s such a wonderful thing to do.

  3. Glad the chairs were salvageable! And she’s such a pretty girl, love to see people doing GOOD things in this world!!

  4. So glad you could redo those chairs. They look great. Wipeable is a one of the most favorite mama words. 😉

    Your daughter’s heart seems just lovely!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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