To be year round or not to be year round…

I am sorry to get this post up so late in the day.  We accomplished moving mountains in the garden yesterday, at least it felt like it anyway, and I did not get any time to write.  Today has been a baking day, a cleaning day, and a working-on-several-projects day.    The heavenly smell of five loaves of bread and the loaf of cinnamon roll bread is tempting me at this very moment!

Enough with the excuses!  Onto the topic at hand.

To be year round or not to be year round…

…that is the question!

There are as many schedule and school year variations as there are homeschooling families, whether you school year round or not, or whether you follow the public school schedule or not.

In our family, we school year round.

Let me explain that.

Our school year is divided into three basic categories:  full schedule, light schedule, wrap-up schedule.

Approximately half of August through May we follow our full schedule.

This schedule starts at 8:00 am with Bible study and ends at 2:30 pm.  Our days are filled with book work, projects, assignments, experiments, breaks, and more.

We are talking schoolwork full steam ahead!

During the month of June we follow the wrap-up schedule.

This is the time frame for us to wrap-up any subjects, projects, and books that have not already been completed.

It is such a great feeling of accomplishment as books are completed and put away, papers are organized, and everything is boxed up to officially end our year.

I also spend this time reviewing the evaluations of each of the children that I wrote throughout the year and write a year-end evaluation.   Because each evaluation is based on only one child and their progress, I use them to help decide the next year’s curriculum and daily schedule for each of the kids’ individual learning needs.

We begin our new school year the first Monday of July.  July and the first half of August is assigned the light schedule.

This schedule is used for projects, experiments, and gives me the time to review anything that one of my children may need reinforcement in.   Bible study remains a daily event throughout this schedule.

Does this mean that we never take a break?  Not at all!

By continuing our schooling through the summer, we are able to take a break for a day or two, or a week, every 5-6 weeks.  Not only does it keep everyone’s minds actively learning, it also keeps us from burning out.

When I notice the kids are bogging down we can take a day to relax and step away from the books for a moment.

Another benefit is not having to deal with a major adjustment to go from summer to full time school.

We have been year round for three years now and it works fantastically for us.

How about you?  Are you year round?  Maybe you follow the public school calendar?

All for God’s glory,


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4 responses to “To be year round or not to be year round…

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love the three schedules of your homeschool!

  2. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday! We homeschool year round as well-though our wrap-up/light schedule is June-August with our start date being Tues. after Labor Day. (We go light for three months since we take so many “vacation breaks” during that time!) I liked you on facebook as well!

  3. We do our own thing. I found that the holidays are the time when life is just too crazy to try to fit in school. Our summers are way too hot for any sort of enjoyment – so we stay inside with the air conditioning. We start school in January & usually finish up around September – October. We used to really fly through each grade when the kids were younger- but now that the oldest is in 7th grade & the youngest in 2nd- the school days & months seem to drag on a bit longer. It works well for us though- which is why I just love homeschooling. I do what works for our family- not what works for the school district.

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