101 Reasons I Love My Husband

Let me tell you what Mr. Muscles just did.

The kids and I have spent the better part of the morning hanging up laundry and working in our veggie garden.  We came in to cool off and I discovered something beyond wonderful.


Seriously.  They are cleaned out, organized and they make sense!

This speaks to my working-ever-so-hard-to-organize-the-whole-house heart.

That’s my man!

Did I mention while he was cleaning he was on Little Detail (with Little Man- 4 mo, Ms. Dimples- 2 yrs, and Ms. Giggles- 4 yrs) while the big kids and I worked outside?

Love, love, LOVE.

What has your sweetie done recently that went right to your heart?

All for God’s glory,


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One response to “101 Reasons I Love My Husband

  1. How sweet! My husband “gets” that its the little things that melt my heart. Recently he heard me wishing my car would beep when I pushed the lock button on my key fob so I would know it was locked. He snuck my keys one day and figured out how to make it do that. The next time I went out I pushed the button and “BEEP”. It really shocked me! I love that he did it and I really love that he let it be a surprise. I love that man! Lisa~

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