Laura Threatened Me About This!

I have a dear and wonderful friend from Wisconsin named Laura.  Several years ago she sent me a card that stated she could no longer be my friend if I made my own bread and sewed my own clothing.  Well, I am not sewing my own clothing, yet, but I am making my own bread!

I can only pray she will reconsider her threat.  Love you, Laura!

On to the breadmaking.

I have been toying with, considering, and giving serious consideration to making our own bread.

I have heard so many horror stories that it kept me from taking that step forward.   By horror stories I mean tales of just how difficult it is to make your own bread, how it comes out like charcoal or hockey pucks, it was supposed to be really expensive, and countless others.

Lies, I tell you, all lies!  *wink*

My first attempt at making bread was a huge success.  That success comes only because of Micandme and her post on breadmaking.  Fantastic directions, lots of details, and pictures to help you on your way.

A few notes about what I did while following her directions:

→I used vital wheat gluten.  I could not find lecithin, but as soon as I do I will try that in my bread.

→I did not use a bread machine.

→I did use my KitchenAid.  I used setting #3 to knead the dough.

Ms. Serious (14) was a huge help.  This is the flour, yeast and water being mixed together.  I love my giant ceramic bowls!

The flour, yeast and water “cooking”.

My KitchenAid doing an excellent job of kneading the dough!

This is the dough right after I took it out of my KitchenAid.  It is ready to be rise for a while and then be divided into two halves and formed into loaves.

Here is the bread right out of the oven and cooling on the rack.

After allowing it to cool, I sliced a piece off and slathered it with Foo.

I have to tell you that the bread, and the Foo, was delicious!  The bread came out fluffy, perfectly done, and smelled wonderful.

Don’t make fun of my ugly apron.  One day I will have a gorgeous apron to wear while I make bread!  When I do, I will make sure to get a picture or two of it to share with you.  *grin*

This whole breadmaking thing:  If I can do it, you can do it.  Trust me.

If you decide to bake some bread, make sure you come to my Facebook page (Yes, They Are All Mine) and share pics and your experience!  I would love to see how fantastically your bread turns out.

All for God’s glory,


PS- Do you know what I am doing while writing this post?  I am baking 3 more loaves and some cinnamon rolls from this recipe!  I told you, this is good bread.  🙂

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7 responses to “Laura Threatened Me About This!

  1. That is so very exciting! I absolutely love making my own bread. I often make my own clothes too when I can – nothing wrong with being resourceful 🙂 I think I may try this recipe. It so satisfying to do it yourself- no bread machine required.

  2. you have inspired me to try again. *sigh* i knew i shouldn’t have read this…

  3. With my fibromyalgia, I have found it easier to use my bread machine (especially since my kitchen aid stand mixer chose to stop working). However you choose to make it, it is so wonderful to make bread completely free of all of the, shall we say, “extra ingredients” (aka: the stuff you can’t pronounce and don’t want to eat!). My next step is soaking the flour first to neutralize the bad stuff 😛 But for now, we’re just happy to have fresh, real, homemade bread!

  4. YAY! I’m so glad it turned out…. it looks BEAUTIFUL! 🙂 Thank you so much for your kind words, too, and for linking to my post. It’s been fun “meeting” you through your blog!

  5. So Rhen, you could make your own apron and then Laura would really have something to pick on you about. Knowing her, I am sure she will reconsider. 🙂 Congrats on your new bread making adventure.

  6. Your bread looks great!
    I like making bread also, usually in my two (!) bread machines. At the same time. And it will last one (!) day with my crew. If I’m lucky. 🙂

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