Flying Without Crashing

A little over a year ago I was truly blessed to meet the Flylady herself, Marla Cilley, and receive a copy of her wonderful book Sink Reflections. What an amazing time and transformation it has been!

I have to be upfront and tell you that I heard about the Flylady and some of her ideas several years ago.  I discounted them as just being another way of selling more crap and gadgets to overwhelmed and overworked women.  I also dismissed them as just being more of the same ideas that we all have.

I was wrong.

It was a trip to the Ft. Benning Women’s Conference last March that completely changed my mind.  {I will greatly miss going the Ft. Benning Women’s Conference.  Sadly, they have decided to discontinue doing it.   It was such a blessing to so many women!}

Mrs. Marla was the keynote speaker at the conference.  As we all sat around large round tables, making new friends, enjoying delicious foods, and digging through our gift bags being handed out, Mrs. Marla was introduced.  She had a wonderful surprise for us.  In our bags was a copy of her book, Sink Reflections.

As she spoke about how she became the Flylady, she opened up herself in a way that showed me just how much she is not about the products, the books, or even the helpful tips:  she is all about the women she helps.

When she asked us who refolds the towels after their husbands and children “helped out”, I raised my hand.

When she asked us who took on most of the household chores so they would be done “correctly”, I raised my hand.

The next hour spoke straight to my heart, and I have been FLYing ever since.

My copy of Sink Reflections is filled with notes to myself, decorated beautifully with many colors of highlighters, and is ever-present on my desk.  I am constantly referring to it for encouragement, ideas, and reminders.

Her babysteps have helped our whole family to declutter our garage, our bedrooms, our desks, our heads, and our lives.

The more we sell and give away the lighter my shoulders and my spirit feel.

The more I organize and declutter the better my home feels.

I have implemented so many of her ideas and tips into our daily schedules.  The kids’ rooms are cleaner and our mornings are so streamlined.  Our chores are done far more quickly which leaves us more time to have fun as a family.

The Flylady is right.   Baby steps are the key.

While my journey is not done, how far my whole family and I have come taking baby steps  is beyond words.

I am FLYing.  Mr. Muscles and the kids are also FLYing in their own ways.

Are you FLYing?

All for God’s glory,


A couple of things:

1.  I was not paid for this post, nor was I asked to write it.  It comes from my thankfulness over God blessing me with the opportunity to meet Marla and be on this journey.

2.  I plan on writing a few more posts about how we have implemented the Flylady concepts.  The kids will be helping me with these!


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6 responses to “Flying Without Crashing

  1. Thank you for this. I need to get back to flying myself. It worked wonders when I was doing it. I honestly have no clue why I stopped. Yes, Flying does work!

  2. I like this post! One of the biggest things that keeps me from FLYing is the guilt I feel when I am cleaning or organizing instead of doing something with my kids. I don’t mean that I have to play with them 100% of the time, but I feel currently like I spend too much time keeping chaos down in the house and not as much time as I want with them. I am trying to get to the point where I feel like FLYing gives me more time on the things I love. I only have 2 kids. If you can do it, I can do it! Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Hi there! I love FlyLady too. I even have a blog about it.

    By the way, on my blog Life with FlyLady I am working on a list of blogs about FlyLady. I’d love to have your blog on there too! In case you’re interested, you can find the list here:

    Add your blog by clicking here!

    Simply hit the ‘Add your link’ button at the end of the post and follow the instructions.

    Happy FLYing!

  4. I found Flylady several years ago and liked it but got overwhelmed very quickly. Do you have any ideas on NOT getting bogged down?

    • Sure do! Stop trying to accomplish everything at once! You do not have to put yourself on a time schedule. You do not have to implement everything at once. Pick a room, an area, or a small spot to start with for the day. Take little bites and enjoy every accomplishment, no matter how small. It will all add up far more quickly than you realize, and things will flow better and better. I know you can do this!

      • Thank you for the encouragement, that’s good advice. 🙂
        You would think that after being married 18 years and having 9 children, I might know a bit more about cleaning house, lol! It seems most days we barely manage to maintain, let alone deep cleaning.
        I’m sure I could work my way through one room at a time, though. 🙂

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