In the Garden

Strolling through the garden in the evenings is one of those little pleasures in my day.  I enjoy seeing what fruits and veggies are popping out and weren’t there yesterday.  Eating the tomatoes, green beans or peppers right off of the plant is just beyond delicious.

How about a little tour of a few of the plants we are growing?

This is one of the cotton plants.  Growing these is part of an experiment the kids and I are doing.   We found part of a cotton plant on the side of a back road.  We used it to study to the seed pods, the cotton fluff, and we harvested the seeds.  We planted them this spring and now we are watching and waiting for them to bloom and produce.

Mr. Muscles must have his spicy peppers.  This Cayenne Pepper plant is getting more and more loaded every time I look.  I am thinking about drying some of them.  Anyone have any experience with this?

These are my heirloom Yellow Pear tomatoes.  They are the size of cherry tomatoes and are absolutely yummy!!  This is an easy to grow heirloom that produces prolifically.

My first Black Zucchini of the year.  This is also an heirloom that is easy to grow from seed.  Two plants will keep your family and your neighbors good on zucchini!

This is my first year growing the heirloom Japanese Long Cucumber.  It grows very quickly, and is covered in blooms and little cucs.  I am hoping to pickle and can some.

It is time to get back out and working on the soil for the second planting of the year.  I also want to get the beds ready for the fall planting.   After all, healthy soil: healthy plants!  Amend, amend, amend.  🙂

What do you have growing?

All for God’s glory,


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3 responses to “In the Garden

  1. You’re garden is ahead of mine – I’ve just spotted my first blossoms on the tomatoes but nothing yet on the zucchini or cucumbers. I’m drooling over your cute little produce!

  2. Your garden looks great! I’m a bit frustrated with mine~I’m busy trying to kill *squash bugs* which are apparently nearly impossible to get rid of:( Oh well, it’s a daily battle, right? 🙂
    Thanks for dropping by from the hop!

  3. Yum! We were hoping to do a garden this year, but it didn’t happen. Travel did and yard being torn up b/c of getting a well and a new septic system, so maybe not having a garden was for the better, lol. Enjoy yours!!
    Here from the Hop.

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