Field Trip!

All of the gorgeous weather we have been having here in the deep south gave us that big “itch” to get outside and enjoy it.  I decided to surprise the kids with a day trip down to the Montgomery Zoo and Mann Museum.

I didn't do it!

What made the day even better was being joined by Granny, as well as Auntie Trudy and her two beautiful children.  We. Had. A. Blast!

You know that tiger is suddenly getting a craving for a snack.

Of course, as a homeschool family, we just had to make this field trip as educational as possible.

A gorgeous Golden Eagle we got to be up close and personal with.

Before we left the house I gave each of the older 4 the assignment of choosing an endangered animal to write a paper about.

Ms. Giggles (4) doing her best flamingo impersonation.

They, and the younger children, were also challenged to keep their eyes open on the critters and their surroundings so they could choose a subject for a painting (or drawing).

Such beautiful birds!

Assigning the task of choosing an animal to write about, and one to paint, turned out better than I could have imagined.

So beautiful!

They read every sign for every animal in the zoo.  Several of the children even took notes!  Score!   Instead of me reading the informational signs to the children, they read them to me.

It's a turtle conga line!

Our tour of the Mann Museum has brought the idea, and possible future career in conservation, into focus for several members of our family.

Calgon, take me away!

So many hands-on activities and a great view into Alabama history were right there for us to enjoy.

The more we laughed, the more this monkey did to entertain us.

Wrap all of this up with a fun ride on the train, a delicious lunch out, and a great visit with our friends, and you have a fantabulous day!

Ms. Lovebug (8) enjoying the park in the zoo.

How about just a few more pics?  🙂

I wanted to take him home with me.

The gardens that are all through the zoo are just gorgeous!

It's a stampede!!

This monkey's antics kept the kids entertained for at least 20 minutes.

Can you get any more proof of a great day other than Ms. Dimples' (23 mo) smile?

I love field trips!

Now that the weather is warming up we will be planning even more.  They are such a great way of getting the kids involved in their learning.  Next, I think we will be visiting the train museum.  Gotta make sure my camera is ready to go!

What are your favorite field trip, or family time destinations?

All for God’s glory,


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5 responses to “Field Trip!

  1. Rhen- what a super fun time for them all & your captures are perfect as always!

  2. Rhen, your pictures are fabulous! We like the zoo, but I think nature journalling at the nearby state park or not as nearby botanical gardens wins. Riding scooters at parks, college campuses, or anywhere else with a sidewalk is always a hit too.

  3. We used to love the beach and water fun park, but now Mr 2 has grommets (tubes) in his ears, and hates having his earplugs in, water activities are pretty much out…. There is a dairy farm near us that has a baby animal nursery and you can watch the milking, which our kids just love 🙂

    Your photos are fantastic, my favourite is the flamingo!

  4. Drooling over the green grass, short sleeves and sunshine! A trip to the zoo would still be a cold miserable experience here! Sounds like fun!

  5. LOVE those tiger and the zebra shots the best — looks like an awesome day!! 🙂 It was rainy today, so We spent today at the Ecotarium (in Worcester, MA) and a local library.

    Visiting you from the HHH.

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