Ha! I knew I had one of those!

I have been saying things like, “Ha!  I knew I had one of those!”, “What in the world does that go to?”, and “Why do we even have this?!” all weekend long.  I will be saying those things for the next two months as well.

Why?  Because, I am going through boxes, tubs and totes.

I have found that when you are preparing to move the whole packing thing starts out well enough, maybe even fantastically.  Everything is being packed up and organized by room, like items together, and labeled properly.  Then, it comes down to the day or two before the move and the actual moving day.  That is when all of the great packing, organizing and labeling goes out the window.  If an item will fit in the box, it goes in the box.   We do, however, properly label the box at this time, “junk”.

The problems come when it is time to unpack these boxes, and they are usually the last ones to be gone through.   That was a big part of my weekend.  I found toys, parts to toys, clothing, kitchen items, batteries, empty bags, pictures, pencils, crayons, books, and papers all shoved together in the same boxes or tubs.  It takes for-stinking-ever to sort through and put away all of that mess.  You wouldn’t believe how much I ended up throwing away.  I should have done that in the first place and saved the effort of moving it!

After a whole bunch of cleaning, organizing, purging and tossing this weekend, I am down to about a dozen or so boxes and tubs left to go through.  Happy, happy, joy, joy!  I will get it all done just in time to pack up again.  Sigh.  The good thing about moving is that it gives me a chance to purge.  We will be hosting another killer yard sale this month.  What doesn’t sell will be donated.  It is not coming back into this house, and I am not moving it again!

Anybody looking to buy some completely-useful-to-you-just-not-to-me treasures?  *wink*

All for God’s glory,


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One response to “Ha! I knew I had one of those!

  1. Ha ha, this made me laugh! We are moving interstate at the end of next month, and I am facing this very process! We have moved 4 times in the last 5 years, so I don’t know how we still have so much STUFF! Last move (6 months ago), we took 3 truck loads to the tip… and yet, here I am staring at piles of junk again, and wondering how to fit it into boxes!

    Congratulations on your progress. My theory is that if it is still in a box from the last time we moved, we can clearly live without it, and it goes straight out (except for sentimental things, of course 🙂

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