For Goodness Sake, Its Toothpaste!

Seriously.  It is toothpaste, not a painting medium.

Don’t get me wrong.  I love toothpaste.  I am all for the whole bright, white teeth, fresh breath, healthy gums, and lack of plaque and tartar thing, but there is a dark side.

That dark side is my children’s ability to get toothpaste in the oddest places.  You see, I am one of those clean bathroom people.  Every week I wipe down every surface in my bathroom, including the walls.  Why is it there are times I have to climb to wipe off toothpaste?  There is only one person in this house who is taller than I am, Mr. Muscles.

Is this some kind of challenge the kids have going on?  What are the categories?  Highest up?  Most creative?  Best Hidden?  Easiest to step on?  Most interesting pattern?  I didn’t think there was that much toothpaste in the tube!

The one that gets me the most, right after stepping in it with bare feet, is when I go in to brush my teeth and there are globs of toothpaste staring at me from in the sink.  I don’t buy cheap toothpaste.  I spend a little more to get the really good stuff, so when I see it in the sink it makes me a little……….frustrated.  We have even changed the tooth brushing rule.  No more toothpaste then wet the toothbrush.  They have to wet the toothbrush first, then they are to add the toothpaste.  I got tired of them blasting the toothpaste into oblivion when they turned the water on at turbo pressure.  Ugh.

Please tell me that I am not the only one with overly creative children.  Let me hear a “Preach it, sister!” from someone out there.

All for God’s glory,



5 responses to “For Goodness Sake, Its Toothpaste!

  1. You are definitely not alone. Amazing where toothpaste can be found. yes, I have stepped in it and have cleaned it from ceilings, the mirror and of course we have globs of it in the sink. So, “preach it sister!!”

  2. No you are not alone! I have found it in quite a few unusual places. I have become the official toothepaste distributer at brushing time because I also get the not so cheap kind and once caught my oldest squeezing almost all of it out of a brand new tube to see how much was in it.

  3. My son enjoys painting the mirror with his freshly pasted toothbrush.

  4. LOL — I have more trouble convincing our 2 kids to USE toothpaste. Miss 4 says it tastes yukky, and Mr 2 immediately starts a chorus of ‘ukky, dirty, ukky dirty…’!

  5. I can assure you that toothpaste is in fact a painting medium. You might as well break down and buy the complete palette. You know, clear blue gel, clear red gel, aqua fresh for the multi colors, plain white….


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