Our Latest Science Experiment Adventures

Our family loves science experiments.  We try to include as many as we can in our lessons.  Here are a couple of our latest science experiments.

The first goes along with our plant study.  I am loving the timing of this study.  Spring planting of our vegetable garden, the budding out of the trees and all of the flowers that are popping out are giving us a lot of hands-on studying.  Yay!

This particular experiment is designed to show how the phloem and xylem inside of a plant’s stem functions to bring water and nutrients up to the leaves.

All you need is a couple stalks of celery, cups and food dye.

It did not take even 15 minutes and you could clearly see the dye traveling up the stem and into the leaves.

You can easily see the dye was absorbed fully to edge of the leaves.

In this picture the xylem and phloem are clearly visible.    This experiment fascinated the littles.  *grin*  They had tons of questions that the older kids answered very well.  What a great way of wetting the appetites of the littles for science and reinforcing the lesson for the older kids!

The second experiment started last fall when the children found 2 polyphemus moth larvae and 1 chrysalis.   Within hours of being put into the jar the two larvae each  formed their own chrysalis.

Notice the larvae is a bright green color.   The small orangish dots on it appear to glow at night.

This is the first of the moth larva we found.  The next morning the chrysalis was completed and hardened.

After overwintering in the house, the first moth hatched open.

Let me just tell you that if freaked me out.  It was about 5:30 am, I went to the kitchen sink to start some coffee, and I saw something fluttering around on the little shelf to the right of my head.  Ack!  It took me a moment to realize that one of the moths had emerged in the jar.  I did my heebie jeebie dance, then I had to examine it.  Awesome!  Here are the shots that I took once the kids were up and we were ready to release it.

Here is the chrysalis.  I am amazed the moth emerged from such a tiny hole!

Here it is all ready to fly.

Isn’t it cool looking?

Here is a close up shot.  We took the time to really study what it looked like.  Still amazing!

This is the shot I was able to catch of it flying away.

Now we are waiting for the other two to emerge!

What science experiments are you working on?

There are tons more of great homeschool blogs and bloggers out there.  Find them at the Hip Homeschool Hop.   You are cordially invited to go and explore!

All for God’s glory,


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8 responses to “Our Latest Science Experiment Adventures

  1. Rhen- AMAZING. My kids love the celery one – but that moth experiment is something we have not done yet. How fun for them all!!!!

  2. YIKEES! – I dunno if I want to eat celery anymore! Thanks for sharing, I’m always looking for fun science projects!!

  3. Oh, we have those of those celery stalks on my kitchen counters! LOL Stopping by from HHH!

  4. I love to see other’s science experiments! Thanks so much for sharing and for the great pics!

  5. We love the plant experiment! It has been repeated many times at our house. I love your blog–hopped on over from HHH.

  6. Awesome pictures. Very neat to see a moth up close and get such neat pictures.
    Keep up the God work and thanks for stopping by The Secret Life of a Pastor’s Wife.

  7. Okay, that moth is super cool and I can’t believe how big it is, but yeah… heebee jeebies for sure! 🙂

    PS. I’m loving the cinnamon clove soap! 🙂

  8. We did the celery experiment a few weeks ago and the butterflies a couple of years ago. We ended up with two healthy butterflie and one that was crippled. We let the healthy ones go and kept “Mephibosheth” to care for – and don’t you know he well surpassed butterfly life expectancy!

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