Random Acts of Conquering and Planning

Being on the plus side of healing is adding a little much-needed spark to my get up and go.  FINALLY!  I was getting a tad aggravated that every time I tried to accomplish something I would hurt.  I still am unable to lift much of anything, but I am certainly able to plan, delegate, prepare and supervise!  *grin*

With the renewing season of spring I can feel my own plans of organizing, cleaning, purging, and tackling being renewed as well.  Yay!   Now that Ms. Firecracker’s competitive season is done more weekends will be available.  (We spent this past weekend in Huntsville for her State Meet.  It was a meet of ups and downs.  I hate that the “eh” meet of the year had to happen at state, but I am super proud of her uneven bar routine.)

Even with the traveling we did this weekend, Mr. Muscles and I were able to start getting organizing for our upcoming yard sale.  We have loaded the yard sale items into our enclosed trailer and freed up a lot of space in the garage.  My task over the next 3 weeks is to go through the house, my closet and the designated tubs and boxes to purge.  Everything that does not sell at the yard sale will be donated.  It is not coming back into this house!

We were also able to get some seeds started indoors.  The kids were a huge help by filling up the cups with seed starting soil, labeling markers with the different names of the veggies, sorting seed packs, watering and planting the seeds.  We have quite a bit more to get planted in the garden beds.  Mr. Muscles and the kids worked very hard to build our raised beds and amend the soil.

What else is on my list?

♦I have been living my dream of being a runner through Lisa @Crazy Adventures in Parenting for some time now.  She has inspired my to finally grab onto that dream for myself and actually DO IT.  I have started by walking a half-mile at a time.  When I have received the all-clear from my doctor at my post-partum visit I will up that distance and add in a little running.  I am not sure how long it will take to change over to full running, but I am determined to get there while still allowing myself to properly heal.

♦The children and I are working on setting up an art zone in the garage.  We have a large round table in there that would be perfect for all of their art, crafts and projects.  This will allow me to have more creative time for the littles without having to wait for the bigger kids to complete their schoolwork and vacate the dining room table.  Other advantages:  I can leave their art and projects there to dry and not have to find somewhere to stash them, I do no have to worry about paint and glue and such on my dining room table, it is an area I do not have to fret about getting a little messy from all of the creativity, and it will clear a good bit of art supplies out of my dining room and off of my shelves.

♦I am trying to decide on scent combinations for a couple new batches of soap.  I also need to update my site, fulfill an order, take some new pictures, and hand trim 3 batches that are waiting on me.  My new favorite scent is the Clove with Red Moroccan Clay.  Smells great and I am loving the texture.

Does spring get you energized?  What is on your list to be accomplished?  Got any advice for someone completely new to running?  Hit me with your words of wisdom!



PS- While I work on getting back into my daily posting on my blog you can check out my almost always daily updates (and sometimes multiple times daily) posts and more on my Facebook page for Yes, They Are All Mine.


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