I Heart…….

I know it has been a little quiet here on the blog front.  I have a good excuse!  With Little Man’s arrival being imminent, I am spending most of my time and energy preparing for him, getting the house ready, spending time with the littles, making sure the big kids are ready, and just taking care of tons of little things.

While I am trying very hard not to succumb to PBES, I am trying to make my recovery and our first month as easy as possible.  The past few weeks have brought many moments that have made me smile, brought me joy, tasted delicious, given me peace of mind, or made me laugh.

This week I heart……….

♥ dinner out with my oldest, Ms. Serious (13).  She is very funny!

♥ washing and folding Little Man’s clothing.  So tiny!

♥ backrubs from Mr. Muscles to help me relax.

♥ fluffy mail!!  We are trying some new cloth diapers with Little Man.  All of our current diapers must be replaced, so we are trying out some brands that are new to us.

♥ seeing Young Man (12) playing with the Littles.  He is so awesome with them, and they absolutely adore him.  I am often surprised just how gentle, relaxed, and easy he is with them.  Ms. Dimples (21 mo) loves playing “kitchen” with him.  He gets right down there with her.

♥ Mr. Muscles ordered the new bunk beds for the big girls room.  He got an awesome deal.  Now, if only UPS would actually deliver them!

♥ seeing the pride in Ms Independent’s (6) and Ms. Giggles’ (3) eyes as they show Daddy how they cleaned and organized their rooms all by themselves.  They actually grouped their toys together in the proper bins, threw away the trash, made their beds and straightened their stuffed animas.  Even their shoes were paired up and lined up in their closet.

♥ a new LABELER!!  Oh, be still my heart!  I have been in full labeling mode this week.

♥ getting so many things crossed off of my to-do list.  Mr. Muscles and the kids have really stepped up to help me get everything ready that I feel should be.

♥ packing up maternity clothing that I will no longer be needing.  I plan on donating them or passing them on to someone else.

What do you “heart” from this week?  Any joyful moments?  Any delicious foods?  Any moments that had you laughing?

Always in God’s mighty hands,



4 responses to “I Heart…….

  1. What great things for I Heart! I am right there with you- the labeler is FANTASTIC!! Eagerly awaiting the news of the newest arrival. (when I got the email- I thought maybe that was what this post was about) How exciting. Oh- & I would totally get excited over new cloth diapers too-

  2. It’s an understandable reason for your absence!

    Yay for backrubs!


  3. I like your labelers comment. I am wondering if Little Man arrived since this was posted Feb 11TH. Hope you are doing well.

  4. o.O You’re getting rid of maternity clothes????? I don’t believe it….hehe!!!

    Can’t wait for the pics of Little Man and all kinds of bloggy updates because I know you don’t have your hands full 😉

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